Oliver stone shared his impressions about Putin

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in fotomanipulacii Director Oliver stone on the presentation of his book of Interviews with Vladimir Putin in the framework of the fair non/fictioN19. 29 Nov 2017Oliver stone shared his impressions about Putin© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage the image Bank

. Meeting with Oliver stone in the framework of the fair of intellectual literature non/fictio№ was a full house, an American film Director shared with the audience their opinions on the awards, like the Pulitzer prize, and also said what impressed him the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Fair of intellectual literature non/fictio№ has opened in the Moscow Central house of artists (CHA) on Wednesday: one of the main activities of this day was a meeting with Oliver stone, the author of the film «Interview with Putin». In anticipation of the American film Director in the cinema, the Central house of artists gathered about 500 people, who took almost all the seats. One of those present set the tone for the meeting by contacting stone with a long thank-you speech in which he expressed the opinion that the Director deserves some special award in Russia.

«If in Russia I got a reward, I would not want that it was similar to the Pulitzer prize, because the Pulitzer prize was rigged, dishonest. People who get a Pulitzer prize in the United States, are the corporate media, they have a lot of money and they Express a narrow view, wearing a Pro-American character. All awards are ideological in nature, not only in the U.S.,» said stone.

At the request of the guests, he spoke about his meetings with Vladimir Putin, and noted that the President made on him the impression of a very reserved person and a great orator.

«Much of what was said in this interview, the West is unknown, there was a lot of interesting details. Putin very carefully selects words, so rarely it happens that the person you take a 20-hour interview, not wrong,» said the Director.

He stressed that before the interview he did not demand a clear list of questions and did not set any rules: Director only shared with representatives of the President of the General idea of the conversation.

«President Putin is one of those leaders who believe in the sovereignty, national interests, respects the sovereignty and national interests of other States. Today’s world is a very complex place, there are many cases of tension… President Putin stop there, and talk about this issue,» concluded stone.