Roman Viktyuk presents a new performance of «Mandelshtam»

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in Photobacterium Roman Viktyuk. Archival photoRoman Viktyuk presents a new performance of «Mandelshtam»© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

The Roman Viktyuk theater presents a new play 21st season production of «Mandelstam» on the theme of creative freedom and the tragic fate of the Creator, reported in a press-service of the theatre.

In the play busy star cast of theater actors: Igor Nevedrov, Ekaterina KARPUSHINA Lyudmila Pogorelov, Aleksandr Dzyuba. The premiere will take place on November 29.

The first staging in Russia

«Mandelstam» is the first staging in Russia of the eponymous play by American playwright don Nigro, the figures are controversial and incredibly interesting. Being in love with Russian literature and wrote many plays about the great Russian writers and poets, he never was in Russia. His heroes were Pushkin and Gogol, Chekhov and Tolstoy, Pasternak and Tsvetaeva.

Play «Mandelstam» — based on the documented facts of the life of Osip Mandelstam and his trial.

«Freedom is a very relative thing»

«We live under him not sensing the country, our speech ten steps are not heard». These lines of the great Mandelstam, I think, outside of time… and I would even say, outside the territorial differences, — told RIA Novosti Viktyuk. — More or less — the art always, in all times and under all regimes tried to suppress by censorship. Open or closed — power attempts to affect the freedom of creativity has always existed, as we would not want to be deceived. Freedom is a very relative thing. I love screaming about it — all these years.»

According to the Director, «the genius in all ages of human history could not understand the nature of his genius — and certainly was not able to manage it.» «Because this genius dictate from above,» he said.

The artist and the power

Viktyuk said incredibly pleased, that in the Russian translation, there was a piece about the most tragic page in the history of our country — the years of Stalinist repression that destroyed thousands of creators.

«The fate of Osip Mandelstam is one of the worst examples of what they are doing, the Stalinist system with the great poets, writers, artists, Directors, academics — to bring them the number! And this is necessary to speak and even shout. Especially now, when the memory of this horror, many already beginning to flatten, when the fear of generations of another generation is not passed on,» said Viktyuk.

The Director admitted that created a performance about the fate of the great poet, the eternal conflict of the artist and authority, and that truly great works are timeless —they will remain eternally as their creators.