Simonyan thanked Paris for «attention» by RT France

© RIA Novoshchepniy the editor of the news Agency Russia today RT TV channel Margarita SimonyanSimonyan thanked Paris for «attention» by RT France© RIA Novosti

Chief editor MIA «Russia today» and RT Margarita Simonyan commented on the plans of the Supreme Council for audiovisual of France to closely monitor programs RT France.

«We are very pleased that even before the launch of our French channel, it is formed such an active, loyal audience. We, too, will be something to look out for,» said Simonyan.

Earlier, the head of the Supreme Council for audiovisual of France Olivier Shramek said that his Ministry is planning to constantly monitor the programs RT France. The TV channel plans to start broadcasting in French to the end of the year.

This is not the first attempt of pressure at RT in France. So, the President Emmanuel macron blamed Sputnik and RT in the publications it is based on «false reports» and interfering in the elections, but failed to lead any evidence. Movement «Forward!», created by Macron, has also called on all media to «stop spreading information» provided by RT and Sputnik.