To participate in the competition for the position of mayor of Vladivostok has applied nine people

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Incomerate photolanguage in Russia. Vladivostok. Archival photoTo participate in the competition for the position of mayor of Vladivostok has applied nine people© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Uncovereth the image Bank

Nine people have applied for participation in the competition for the position of mayor of Vladivostok, among them — businessmen, Bank employees and the unemployed.

Reception of documents started on November 20. Deadline — 4 December. After the documents have been received by the competition Commission, which will be considered. The first stage of selection will be held on 13 December, and the second on December 15. Then at the end of December the Commission will present candidates to the Duma. Previously it was reported that documents were filed by a lawyer from Vladivostok Alexander Malakhov and Nikita, Pitalenko — a lawyer by training.

«Today received 9 applications. In addition to Malakhov and, Pitalenko, applied to the chief specialist of the Department with claims of «Primsotsbank» Sergey Babkin, Deputy head of the Department with claims of «Primsotsbank» Dmitry Polishchuk, Alexander Filkov Director of the company «Aromaros-DV», temporarily unemployed Mikhail Kulakov and Mikhail Alimov. Also applied to the General Director of «Asia Tayrs end parts» Egor Lomakin, Director of «technodom» Stanislav Bake,» said the source.

In early November, dismissed from the post of mayor of Vladivostok under investigation Igor Pushkarev wrote a letter of resignation. According to the investigation, from 2008 to 2015 Pushkarev for bribes for a total amount of 75 million rubles hindered business participation in municipal contests in the field of road construction. Then, together with the Director of the MUP «Roads Vladivostok», he ensured victory in the competition of this company with which it had concluded contracts worth 1.2 billion rubles for the supply of materials produced by the affiliated companies of the group «Vostoktsement».

The result of the close relatives of the mayor have received from the amount of income of group companies «Vostokcement» dividend 471,7 million rubles. In addition, «Roads of Vladivostok» was damaged on 143,6 million, since the company bought the building materials at a price exceeding the cost of similar products from other vendors, said the Prosecutor’s office.