Ukrainian nationalists have threatened to «solve the problem» with FC «Shakhtar»

The conversation nationalists with the players of Shakhtar gifUkrainian nationalists have threatened to «solve the problem» with FC «Shakhtar»

Ukrainian nationalists on Tuesday evening stopped the bus in Donetsk football club «Shakhtar» for «explanatory talks» because of the «vague position» players on the war in the East. On it informs TV channel «112 Ukraine».

We are talking about the representatives of the Kharkiv fan group Kharkiv City Patriots, Donetsk The Club and the organization of the «national body» (created on the basis natsbatalona «Azov», against whom in Russia opened a criminal case). The fifteen-minute video recording of the conversation published in Facebook, one of the radicals.

Claims to the players connected with their refusal to wear t-shirts in support of military operations in the Donbass, as well as the reluctance of some players to sing the anthem of Ukraine. A big part of the conversation leads activist named max Zorin.

He blamed the «miner» in «neglecting the Ukrainian» and threatened to «solve the issue» with the players, if they continue to behave this way.

«If you have even the slightest desire to Express a position against something the Ukrainian army or the country, or you go from here, or the issue will be resolved here. This issue will not be solved by the interior Ministry, not the power structures, and we, the Ukrainians,» he said.

«So you’re threatening me, huh?» — asked one of the players. Zorin replied in the affirmative.

Then he put a specific condition. «If you won’t wear these shirts or will continue such activities, we will have to take responsibility to discuss the situation,» he said.

The football player of «Shakhtar» on behalf of the club promised to come in t-shirts, referred to the next match.