Why you need the Council of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church

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The Council of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) opened Wednesday in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

The sessions of the Council will be held on the anniversary of the October revolution, the beginning of mass repressions against believers and the restoration of the Patriarchate, after more than two centuries of interruption.

What is the Council of bishops

The Council of bishops is a Council of bishops convened to discuss and resolve issues and matters of doctrine, religious life, moral issues or Church life.

The first Church Council was convened already in 59 year in Jerusalem. It is referred to in the New Testament. At this Council it was decided to abandon many Jewish customs — many new-born Christians of Israel continued to observe the traditions and rituals of the Jewish people.

The councils are divided into Universal, involving representatives of all the local churches, and local – they gather bishops of a particular Church. The Council of bishops is a kind of latest, with the only difference being that participates in it exclusively to the high Church episcopacy.

Before Peter I division of Church meetings at the local and bishops ‘ were not – in the Russian councils was attended by all the bishops and influential priests, and even secular officials.

According to the Statute of the Russian Orthodox Church, the bishops ‘ Council is the highest body of its management. It shall be convened not less than once every four years.

I decided last time

The bishops ‘ Council of 2013 has defined the Church’s position on the issue of personal data collection is INN, passports with biometrics and other documents given believers, seeing them as limiting their spiritual freedoms. It was stated that the development of new technologies she was not hurt. However, the Cathedral in his message, appealed to the government not to force people to adopt technologies that can prevent them from «freely to profess a faith in Christ.»

Patriarch Kirill in his report to the members of the Council expressed their attitude to the performance of the punk group Pussy Riot in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. According to him, the sentence «in respect of comunic» was established judicial precedent, is aimed at «preventing future insults of religious feelings of believers», to protect sacred places and cultural monuments from acts of «blasphemy and mockery».

The Council was convened in 2016 – when the entire Orthodox world discussed the scandal with the failed pan-Orthodox Cathedral on the island of Crete. A number of local churches, including Russian, refused to participate in it due to «insurmountable differences».

However, the bishops have found the opportunity to discuss and make a decision about the canonization of life-physician Eugene Botkin, the family physician of Emperor Nicholas II, shot by the Bolsheviks in the basement of the Ipatiev house on the night of 17 July 1918. Previously it was honored only in foreign parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church.

What can solve this

It may be extended to the level of teaching «foundations of religious culture and secular ethics» in schools – according to the Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Vladimir Legoyda, the educational theme will be one of the main agenda of the Cathedral.

«Imagine what our literature would be taught in school one year out of eleven. So, naturally, we would like to study the basics of religious culture were represented in the educational process more broadly. We understand congestion of the educational process, all this is taken into account in our dialogue with the Ministry of education,» — said Legoyda.

The Cathedral will consider preparing the Church for many years documents on the situation of monasteries and Church marriage. This and the use of the monks of the Internet, and how many times believers can get married.

«How many times are allowed to marry and whether it is necessary to consider only the marriage, which was consecrated a Church wedding, or those that were made in the civil procedure in the registry office? A clear answer in the current ecclesiastical law does not have, and how to interpret the existing canonical norms in the new environment, when marriage is much more than blessed in Church, there are different answers. The decision will be made at the Council,» — said the Deputy Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Archpriest Nikolai Balashov.

New Ukrainian saints

For the consideration of the Council also proposed for the glorification of the Church – the canonization of saints that were canonized as locally venerated in Ukraine.

Since independence in Ukraine the saints were found more than 200 people, with more than 60 in the last few years. In 2009, the Ukrainian Church canonized three Glinsky elders – monks of the famous Glinsky desert in Sumy region, the famous center of pilgrimage for thousands of believers.

The President’s visit 100 years of the new Church

Council of bishops takes place in the centennial anniversary of the restoration of Patriarchate in Russia in 1917 at the local Council, held in the Moscow Kremlin, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, was elected the Metropolitan Tikhon, later glorified by the Church among the saints. Before more than 200 years of ecclesiastical administration in the Russian Empire were made by the state in the person of the Holy Synod.

For many years persecuted by the Soviet power, Patriarch Tikhon, according to the official version, died of heart failure. The canonization of the Patriarch was the first step towards the glorification of the new martyrs and new Confessors of Russia, suffered in the years of revolutionary turmoil and the Bolshevik terror.

Cathedral first visit, Vladimir Putin, previously only circulated to the participants with a greeting. According to experts, this visit of the head of the country on the anniversary of election to the Patriarchal throne of the Saint, the victim of the Soviet regime will be the restoration of historical justice. «Of course, is the state’s attention to the historical context in which the Cathedral,» — said Legoyda.

Why you need the Council of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church© Igor Taraborrelli in fotomasterov will decide how many times can you enter into brekstanti of the Royal family

Again you will not remain without attention a subject shot in Yekaterinburg, the family of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II.

On the eve of the Cathedral in Moscow’s Sretensky monastery hosted a conference dedicated to the ongoing research found in the Urals, remains. Patriarch Kirill on its results, said that the Church has not yet formed a position on the outcome of the study as «a definitive judgment will have a Council of bishops».

Church representatives have repeatedly stated that the announcement of the results of examinations will not be tied to specific dates. In an interview with the famous historian and researcher of the fate of the Royal family Anatoly Stepanov has expressed doubt that the final decision on «Royal remains» will be taken at the Council of bishops of 2017.