Bank «Opening» has reduced its authorized capital to one ruble

© Fotolia / Alexey BelikovОдин ruble. Archival photoBank «Opening» has reduced its authorized capital to one ruble© Fotolia / Alexey Belikov

FK «Opening» on the basis of the order of the CBR reduces its authorized capital to one ruble, according to the materials of the credit institution.

«To reduce the Charter capital of public joint stock company Bank «Financial Corporation OTKRITIE» to one ruble by reducing the nominal value 208,321 million ordinary registered uncertified shares with a nominal value of 50 rubles each, and 12.1 million of preferred registered uncertified shares with an uncertain rate of dividend par value of 50 rubles each total nominal value of 11.22 8 billion rubles», — stated in the materials Bank.

The amount decreases the authorized capital of FC «Opening» is 11 billion rubles, follows from the message of the credit organization.

«Discovery» is a procedure of financial recovery through controlled Bank Fund consolidation of the banking sector. On reorganization of the «Discovery» was announced on August 29. According to the new resolution mechanism, the Bank of Russia becomes the main owner of the rehabilitated Bank and subsequent sale to a private investor.

According to the financial recovery plan, during the period of interim administration, the authorized capital of the Bank is provided in accordance with the amount of own funds, and if they are negative, the share capital reduced to one ruble.

The rights of existing shareholders «FC Opening» will be restored after the end of the interim administration, but their share in the Bank will not exceed 25%, was noted in the materials of the CBR.

The negative capital of the Bank «FC Opening» on October 1 was 188,9 billion rubles, reported earlier the head of analytical management of BKF Bank Maxim Osadchy.