Corsica: the PNP is actively pursuing partnerships with notaries of the BRICS countries

© RIA Novostey of the countries-participants of the BRICS. Archival photoCorsica: the PNP is actively pursuing partnerships with notaries of the BRICS countries© RIA Novosti

Russian notary intensively develops partnerships with counterparts in BRICS countries, particularly with China, said Thursday the President of the Federal notary chamber Konstantin Korsik, speaking at the Moscow IV forum of the BRICS countries.

«Apart from traditionally close ties with countries in continental Europe, expanding our cooperation with the countries of South America, the Middle East, Asia. With the China notary Association over the past few years managed to establish a close working relationship, both at the national level, and in terms of cooperation of border regions», — quotes the press service of FNP words of Corsica.

He recalled that the PNP signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese Association opens up opportunities for joint training of notaries to participate in a landmark legal events partner States. «I hope that soon we will establish not less than productive interaction with other member countries of the BRICS», — expressed confidence Korsik.

In his words, cooperation in the framework of notarial activities was a logical consequence of the growing economic ties between Russia and China. «Here in the first place, it should be noted the unique role of notaries in the protection of the rights of the owner and the investor, in the formation of a favorable investment climate in the country», — said the head of the PNP.