Doctors from Russia re-transplanted bionic eyes

© RIA Novosti / Andrey Staroshcherbinovsky eyes returned to the man’s vision and helped to see her daughter’s faceDoctors from Russia re-transplanted bionic eyes© RIA Novosti / Andrey Starostin

Second to Russia, the implantation of cyberattack in the eyes of the deaf-blind patient will be held on Monday, RIA «Novosti» a source in the charity Fund «Art, science and sport».

At the end of June in the Scientific-clinical center of otorhinolaryngology of FMBA of Russia held a unique operation on installation of one of the most advanced systems of bionic vision, the Argus II complex from the American company Second Sight, eyes of Gregory Ulyanov, 59-year-old deaf-blind volunteers from Chelyabinsk, who agreed to a similar experiment.

The operation was completed successfully, and now the Grigori can already see the outline and major characters through a system of «second sight». A very complex surgery, which lasted about six hours, was first introduced in Russia thanks to the joint efforts of private philanthropists and Russian physicians and scientists.

After successful completion of the first operation, its sponsors and participants, the Foundation for the deaf and blind «unity», a charity Foundation Alisher Usmanov «the Art, science and sport», ANO «Laboratory «Sensor» and Federal state institution «Scientific-clinical center of otorhinolaryngology of FMBA of Russia» said that Russian doctors will hold another similar operation until the end of the year with the participation of another deaf-blind volunteers.

The second operation, as the correspondent of RIA «news» in Fund of Alisher Usmanov, will be held on Monday, December 4 with the participation of the same team of surgeons, physicians and engineers who carried out the first implantation. Its success, as noted by Veronika Skvortsova, Minister of healthcare of the Russian Federation, in July this year, will pave the way for the inclusion of such operations in the so-called «high-tech medical care».