In Ryazan oblast health facilities received 24 new ambulances

© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise in photobacteria help. Archival photoIn Ryazan oblast health facilities received 24 new ambulances© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise the image Bank

Governor of the Ryazan region Nikolay Lyubimov was handed over to officers of the departments of emergency medical care in the region the keys to 24 new vehicles purchased with funding support from the Federal budget, said on Thursday the regional government.

The handover ceremony for the new official cars was held on Thursday in Ryazan. Fleet of health care institutions of the region added 24 modern and well-equipped specialized vehicles based on the UAZ and GAZ. They transferred to the Central hospital Kasimov, Kadoma, Michael, Klepikovskiy, Spassky, Sasovo and other districts of the region, the report States.

Three cars of an emergency medical service will be assigned to monterrigioni: towns of Forest Shilovsky district, Kasimov district, yelat’ma and Pobedinka Skopinsky district. The machine was also a city ambulance station Ryazan regional clinical hospital, said the regional government.

Governor Nikolai Lyubimov noted during the ceremony that the new ambulances, the region receives in support from the Federal government in accordance with the decree of the RF government, the report said.

«This is a very substantial assistance of the Ryazan region, and, of course, will have positive impact on increasing the availability and improving the quality of medical services. That was the message inherent in the concept of the President (of Russia) Vladimir Putin to improve the demographics. For our region it could not be more true and applies to the regional center, and especially remote settlements», – quotes Lyubimov, the regional government.

According to him, the update of the fleet health facilities will be conducted in the future, including at the expense of the regional budget.

«This is very important. We will continue to acquire ambulance, so the people felt no discomfort and certainly did not suffer from what they call doctors go longer than is necessary», – said the head of the region.

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