In the Czech Republic a bus accident, there are victims

© Flickr / Daniel JuřenaКарета ambulance in the Czech Republic. Archival photoIn the Czech Republic a bus accident, there are victims© Flickr / Daniel Juřena

A passenger bus on slippery snow and ice road slid into a ditch and crashed into a tree in southern Bohemia, near the town Valesina, in the accident killed the driver, and all 12 passengers were injured, two of them critically, said the representative of the ambulance service Peter Kafkova.

«The driver was killed and two passengers were seriously injured. Both are fixed head injuries and damage to the lower parts of the spine. They are delivered by helicopter to the regional hospital in české budějovice. The other passengers of the bus injured less complicated,» said Kafkova.

According to the police spokesperson jiří Matzner, the cause of a bus accident are being investigated. «Apparently, the bus on snowy and slippery roads of local importance lost control and at the speed drove into a ditch, crashing in the tree,» said Matzner.