In the Greek foreign Ministry denied publication about the deterioration of relations with Russia

© Official website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Preliminart foreign Affairs of Greece, archival photoIn the Greek foreign Ministry denied publication about the deterioration of relations with Russia© Official website of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Greece

Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Greece Giorgos Katrougalos said that bilateral relations are traditionally friendly and the publication of their deterioration are not true.

Katrougalos is the co-Chairman Russian-Greek joint Commission on economic, industrial and scientific-technical cooperation, the Russian side it is headed by the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov.

The next meeting of the joint Commission was planned on 7 November in Moscow, but because of the inconsistency of the number of issues it was delayed. Adjournment of the meeting was the occasion for speculation in some Greek media that began to write that «relations between the two countries are at the low point», and Russia seems to lead the «cold war» against Greece.

Katrougalos called it a «rumor». «We have traditionally friendly relations, brotherly relations, and we have a common history. We have very good political and economic relations», — said Katrougalos at the briefing.

According to him, it is a few days ago, met with Russian Ambassador to Athens Andrey Maslov.

«We are in a meeting and in their statements — I’m his personal Twitter account, and the Embassy in your — we dispelled the rumor that our relationship alleged crisis», — said the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Greece.

«It is implausible things that I and two other Ministers were already on the plane and had to leave because supposedly us has revoked the visas,» said Katrougalos.

According to him, the Minister of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov and the Minister of merchant shipping and island policy of Greece Panagiotis Karoblis signed in London the agreement on cooperation in shipping.

Katrougalos reported that he had discussed with Russian Ambassador Maslov to the next meeting of the joint Commission, among the proposed dates January, but it may pass before.

Earlier, the Russian Embassy in Athens via social networks Twitter and Facebook, said about the attempts of some Greek media through publishing false to «demonize success» in different spheres of interaction.

«Unfortunately, in recent clumsy attempts to cast aspersions on Russian-Greek relations, after not having any relation to the validity of published to denigrate the successes of the past years achievements in economic, humanitarian, cultural and tourist spheres. Such attempts are doomed to failure. This is evidenced by the successful holding in 2016 «cross» years of Russia — Greece, the Central event of which was the visit to Athens and on mount Athos the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the ongoing events of the Year of tourism between our countries. The following 2018, we will scale celebrate the 190th anniversary of diplomatic relations,» reads the statement on the website of the Russian Embassy in Facebook.

According to RIA news from the journalistic circles, anti-Russian publications is planned and will run until the end of this year.