Mark Zakharov has denied accusations of mass media in the «Lenkom»

© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva in fotobanka Zakharov. Archival photoMark Zakharov has denied accusations of mass media in the «Lenkom»© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Sysoeva the image Bank

The art Director «Lenkoma» mark Zaharov has told RIA Novosti that the views expressed in the media make groundless accusations against the theatre inflicted moral damage, and hinder the work of the team.

Earlier «Nezavisimaya Gazeta» reported that in «Lenkom», in particular, is a trade space of the theatre, rising prices for tickets.

«It’s amazing, how could there be an article based on unverified sources and does not correspond to the real facts. First, from the «Lenkom» never had any outlets. We have a fitness center with a gym for actors it is necessary and it exists not only in our theater. Ticket prices stable. In the first rows, as elsewhere, is expensive, and the others — even cheaper than in other theaters. As for the jeep, as stated in the article, not only a jeep, but other cars sometimes do come out to the sidewalk to the theater entrance when it is necessary for people’s artist of Russia (Leonid) Armor, which is difficult to move, or to quickly unload the theatrical booklets and programs,» — said Zakharov.

According to him, the article was mentioned, and other theatres, and managers who are supposedly less interested in art than money.

«A General impression, after the Director of the «Gogol-center» was allowed all «to smear black paint,» and to speak of the theatre in a disrespectful tone,» said Zakharov.

All this, according to him, causing huge moral damage discreditied managers of theatres, and most importantly prevents the main creative thing — to create performances, which the audience awaits. At the same time, believes Zakharov repertory theatre – «this is our pride, our achievement, our asset that should be protected».

In «Nezavisimaya Gazeta» comment on the situation refused.