Medvedev has told, who will receive an allowance for child birth

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Activesprite in fotoreceptor of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in interview to the Russian TV channels. 30 November 2017Medvedev has told, who will receive an allowance for child birth© RIA Novosti / Alexander Activesprite the image Bank

Families in which was born the second or third child, will be able to receive benefits, similar to the payments for the firstborn, at the expense of the parent capital, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

«We are convinced that now is the time to encourage, to inspire people to birth the second child, as we tried to do a few years ago, and the first children. This benefits are introduced, it’s targeted, stress for families who give birth to their first child,» said he in an interview to Russian TV channels.

The benefit will be a living wage, it will charge until the child turns a year and a half. The average payout will be as follows: in 2018 10523 rubles in 2019 — 10836 rubles in 2020 — 11143 of the ruble. The innovation will come into force in January. The total cost for the program is expected to amount 144,5 billion over three years.

For families with two or three children will enter a special mortgage scheme. They will be able to count on the government subsidy rate in excess of six percent per annum. Medvedev noted that, according to international estimates, six percent — this is the mortgage that easily «pull» the vast majority of families.

In addition, the authorities will extend the maternity capital program till the end of 2021 and the possibility of its use will expand. So, the prisoner could be spent on care and supervision of a child already at two months of age.