Press Secretary of the Patriarch called the main theme of the Synod of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nutrasciences Secretary of Patriarch Kirill, the priest Alexander Volkov at a press conference in MIA Russia todayPress Secretary of the Patriarch called the main theme of the Synod of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church© RIA Novosti / Alexander Natruskin

The education of the clergy, and attention to the youth and upbringing of children will be one of the main themes which began on Wednesday, the Council of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church, they are fundamental to Patriarch Kirill, said in an interview with RIA Novosti the head of the Patriarchal press service Alexander Volkov priest.

«The Patriarch pays great attention to the education of the clergy, advocated that the priests were educated and cultured people could talk about the truths in plain language to all and to lead people,» said the priest.

As important a question for the head of the Church is the education of children. At the moment there is a process of systematization of teaching in Sunday schools and using the most effective modern educational methods. «How to make Sunday school does not become an analogue secondary, so that children came to her with interest and received it is something particularly important to his soul and the future development — issues for congregational discussion» — continued wolves.

The Council of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) opened Wednesday in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour software report, Patriarch Kirill, where he summed up the activities of the Church over the past years and identified topics for further discussion. The Cathedral is dedicated to the century anniversary of a great local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church of 1917-1918, which took place in the midst of the tragic revolutionary events and preceded the beginning of massive repression for the faith.

The mission in social networks

The Cathedral is in the mode of «maximum transparency», as Volkov said at a press conference before the game. A text stream of the Council’s meetings take place in several official Church Telegram channels. Social networks are one of the tools of preaching, but they need to be able to use it, convinced the wolves.

«There is a risk of injury from this gun, its reckless use. Therefore, as all the polls to take courses and network literacy is not necessary, yet the area is quite specific. In the first place should be guided by the understanding that there is a danger of turning the tool into an object of admiration, and the Patriarch warns us from this spiritual danger,» — said the priest.

The recognition of the «Royal remains»

The highest bishops of the Church on Thursday will discuss the so-called «Ekaterinburg remains» of the family of Emperor Nicholas II. Previously it was announced that the recognition of their identity may occur in 2018, the centenary of the execution of the last Russian Tsar.

«It’s no secret that believers at times hold completely opposite views on the history of the Royal family and the study of the remains found near Yekaterinburg. That is why the Patriarch insists on a comprehensive study, the examination continued until until all issues are resolved», — said the press Secretary of Patriarch Kirill.

According to him, today the opportunity to speak provided by «all stakeholders», and only on the basis of the results of all examinations and taking into account all opinions on the question of recognition of the «Yekaterinburg remains» will be solved.

The situation in Ukraine

After the end of the Cathedral will hold celebrations dedicated to the 100th anniversary, will arrive in Moscow, the heads and representatives of all the world’s Autocephalous Orthodox Churches, in particular, Constantinople (Ecumenical) Patriarchate, with which the ROC has traditionally uneasy relationship. During the bilateral meetings will be discussed the position of believers in Ukraine and the persecution of Christians around the world.

«Primates have the opportunity to come together, and always, these meetings are of an extraordinary nature. Of course, in the conversations of the primates will be represented are important to the Orthodox world as the persecuted Christians in different parts of the world and the position of our Church in Ukraine», — said Volkov.