Putin about the movie «the Legend of Kolowrat»: for the soul takes

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during the viewing of the film by Janik Fayzieva and Ivan Shurovenkov the Legend of KolowratPutin about the movie «the Legend of Kolowrat»: for the soul takes© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye the image Bank

Russian President Vladimir Putin after familiarization with the Russian film «the Legend of the Kolowrat» admitted that what they saw is impressive, and takes the soul.

The premiere is scheduled in Russia for November 30. The plot revolves around the confrontation of the Ryazan Principality from the Golden Horde in the XIII century. The main character, Ryazan foreman yevpaty Kolovrat, a challenge to the Horde.

«From what I saw, impressive, for the soul takes, and I think people will watch with interest. And the idea itself is good,» Putin said after the show.

With it, the picture looked the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, the film’s Director Jahangir Faiziev, starring Elijah malakov and Polina Chernyshova.

The film’s Director before the show talked about the idea of the film. According to him, the core of the issue in the merger and that the joint actions show more results. «The idea of unification is good, gives extra strength and teaches us to win,» — said Putin.

He asked what the movie ends. On what received the answer – the hero wins. Putin expressed hope that Faiziev next time make a movie where the triumph will win a Russian hero, where our heroes win and the other buried with military honors.

When you have finished viewing the President was shown the props used for filming: sword, shield, and piece of costume — everything is handmade. «Beautiful, you are playing so expressive. I wish success to the film at the box office,» — said Putin.