Russian cinema abroad enjoys great popularity, said the Teacher

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Russian films abroad are very popular, says the Director of the movie «Matilda» opening «Days of Russian cinema» in Vienna, Alexei Uchitel.

«I think that lately, judging by the schedule I have, show a lot of our cinema abroad and it is, which is very nice, a huge success,» he said, noting that the audience at these shows is not only Russian-speaking.

«We must not stew in their own juice. It is desirable that our films were in Europe and on other continents,» said the Teacher.

Thursday, November 30, in Vienna, starts the «Days of Russian cinema», which is the fifth organized by the state film Fund with the support of the Russian Embassy and the Russian centre of science and culture. Display of films passes in Russian language with German subtitles. The program — «Matilda» by Alexei Uchitel, «Large» Valery Todorovsky, «the first Time,» Dmitry Kiselev, «About love. Adults only», Nigina sayfullaeva the other.