The budget of the Voronezh region will be in surplus for the first time in many years

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The Voronezh regional Duma adopted in the first reading the draft budget of the region for 2018, which will be in surplus for the first time in many years, said on Thursday the legislative Assembly.

Deputies of the Voronezh regional Duma on 30 November in the first reading have accepted the main financial document of next year. That regional budget revenues will amount to more than 90 billion 554 million roubles, expenses – 90 billion 403 million rubles. As noted by the Duma, for the first time in many years the budget was presented with a surplus.

«This shows the effectiveness of our work with finances that turn will allow more constructively to build intergovernmental relations with the Federal centre», – said the Chairman of regional Duma Vladimir Netesov.

Sports and social programs

In this budget, he said, retains its social orientation – more than 77% of the costs will be spent on social needs, including those associated with the growth of wages of state employees. Will continue the active construction and reconstruction of schools, kindergartens, medical facilities. For 2018 it is planned to start the implementation of several such projects.

The speaker of the regional Parliament noted that the cost for some items of government programs will grow significantly compared to the current year.

«So, on the construction and reconstruction of sports facilities almost six – fold, from 90 million to 531,5 million rubles. The cost of development of vocational education more than doubled from 9.8 million to 21 million. These funds will be used, including, for strengthening the material-technical base of colleges, technical schools and colleges,» explained Netesov.

According to the information of the legislative Assembly. budget support to socially oriented nonprofit organizations will increase from 18 to 23.5 million rubles. This additional grant support for the activities of veterans ‘ organizations, in particular regional branches of «Russian society of disabled people», «all-Russian society of the deaf», the Voronezh branch «the Russian children’s Fund». 1.4 times will increase the costs of formation of accessible environment for people with disabilities. Next year for these purposes will spend about 34.5 million rubles (in current year – $ 24 million).

«The cost increase here is associated with the adaptation of buildings for social protection, culture, sports facilities and adjacent areas for unimpeded access of persons with disabilities and other disabled groups. Furthermore, additional funds will go to support the employment of persons with disabilities, including the young,» said Netesov.

Housing and the environment

To provide housing for young families, certain categories of citizens and state support of mortgage borrowers pledged almost 2.2 times more than in 2017. These events are scheduled almost 690 million rubles, and this year, 306 million.

«Also note that in 17 times will increase spending on assistance to voluntary resettlement in Voronezh oblast foreign compatriots – from 835 thousand rubles in 2017 to 14 million in 2018», — said the Chairman of the regional Duma.

The further development of the «System 112» in the budget more than 60,5 million roubles. This is almost two times more than in the current year.

«Special attention next year will be paid to the protection of the environment and natural resources. The implementation of environmental programs allocated 487 million rubles, which is almost two times more than in 2017. It should be noted the record growth of cost of development of system of especially protected territories, preservation of endangered species of animals and actions for restoration of water biological resources. Appropriations for these purposes grew by 22% from 450 thousand to 10 million rubles,» — he listed Netesov.

Funds for the agricultural sector increased almost two times compared with the current year – on-year to 7.2 billion rubles. Including the development of the system of land reclamation from 50 to 111 million rubles, as well as encouraging investment activities (reimbursement of costs to agricultural enterprises for the construction of facilities, reimbursement of part of interest on loans) from 876 million to 3.7 billion rubles. The funding of programmes and measures to support small and medium enterprises will increase by almost 5.5 times from 20 to 109,5 million roubles.

In the housing sector has a more than twofold increase in the appropriation for the construction and reconstruction of objects of water supply and sanitation – with 162 million to 377,5 million rubles. The cost of the road Fund will be about 8 billion rubles, which, according to the Duma, will allow to continue next year, a major reconstruction of the road network of the region and Voronezh.

«However, the continued active Fund this new unique project for the improvement of human settlements «Urban environment» to which the inhabitants of the Voronezh region showed an active interest. Only its implementation in 2018 is expected to allocate over 600 million rubles,» — said Netesov.

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