The expert described the possible terms of a new wave of resignations of governors

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha in fotobounce the Kremlin. Archival photoThe expert described the possible terms of a new wave of resignations of governors© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha the image Bank

New wave batch of resignations of governors can be expected next summer, after the inauguration of the President and the formation of the Cabinet, however, the first few resignations of heads of regions are not excluded, and, immediately after the elections in March-April next year, reported RIA Novosti, the expert of the Institute of humanitarian and political studies Vladimir Slatinov.

Among the possible candidates to resign during the spring-summer rotation – heads of regions, whose departure was predicted in the fall, but for various reasons the decision was delayed.

As previously reported, in late September — early October the resignation of the head of the 11 regions. The names of the three governors of Altai Krai, Murmansk region and Saint Petersburg was also called in the media as possible candidates for retirement, but at the end of the autumn batch of rotation they retained their posts. On Wednesday Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak told reporters that before the presidential election, the new resignations in the Governor’s case is not expected.

Following the resignation in spring and summer.

According slatinova, the main stage staff turnover in the Governor’s case really ended. In this moment began the process of preparing for upcoming elections, and, according to the analyst, in these circumstances, the Kremlin will once again spook the regional elite new resignations.

The expert did not rule out the possibility of isolated personnel decisions prior to the March election in the event of force majeure on separate areas. However, such dismissals, in his opinion, could be «one or two».

The political scientist believes that the first small «package» of retirements can be expected in March or April next year — with the expectation that appointed acting heads of the regions were able to enter the gubernatorial elections in the fall.

«I do not exclude that in order to prepare a new interim governors for the autumn elections, the resignation could come as early spring — in March-April. They will not be massive, but will also be a batch,» said Slatinov.

Rotation, according to the analyst, is expected later.

«Do the batch change will continue in the new political cycle after taking office (elected in March 2018 President – ed.) and after the formation of the government. It’s somewhere summer», — said the expert.

In his opinion, the first rotation can get the governors whose names have been mentioned as possible candidates for retirement in the fall of this year, but their care did not take place.

«There are decisions already taken, they are due to various reasons was delayed. After the election, these decisions will be taken», — said the analyst.

Rules may change

While Slatinov said that it is not clear how to change the rules of the game. At the moment the administration of the President operates within the framework of the old model the change of heads of regions (the appointment of the acting elections in a single day of voting and a number of other parameters).

«For the mass change of governors and the appointment of the Vikings this model works, but I think the Kremlin understands that it is not universal and has its cons,» — said the expert.

In his view, the model can be revised once it becomes clear how successful was the autumn rotation, which was founded on the purpose of the so-called young technocrats-the Vikings. The expert believes that the analysis and conclusions still need about a year.

«Roughly in 2019 we might see some changes in the model of regional management. Accordingly, will change the model of gubernatorial elections. Anyway, it’s inevitable. The question is timing,» said Slatinov.

In his opinion, the next rotation among the governors, likely to take place on models, which the President has demonstrated this fall.

Effective management

According to Zlatanova, the logic of the autumn staff turnover in the Governor’s case is closely connected with the request for rehabilitation of regional finances.

«Rules of the game seriously changed, because there’s «may decrees» is the economic downturn. The regions have to fulfill may decrees in the economic downturn, and in many regions, even in such successful as, for example, Belgorod oblast, escalated problems,» said Slatinov.

According to him, the Kremlin has several problems. The most important of them is the acceleration of socio-economic growth after the elections», including through the better management of the regions, which is based on competent financial management.

According to the analyst, the autumn assault of young technocrats — this is just an attempt to resolve complex regional problems.

«This is the Federal guys, they are, in theory, more competent, more technocratic, better prepared, better know the rules and how former Federal officials are better able to work within strict rules. The question is, will it have them,» said Slatinov.

«From that, you get these guys or not, will depend largely on the prospect of a new model of personnel policy. If these guys are in large part going to be effective, the model of training of young technocrats, throwing them to the regions to apply further. If not, the Kremlin is going to adjust,» said Slatinov.