The initiative of President Putin proposed measures to support families

© Fotolia / Ocskay Macmame with the child. Archival photoThe initiative of President Putin proposed measures to support families© Fotolia / Ocskay Mark

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin the day before announced a number of social measures aimed at supporting families in the country. In particular, the Russian leader announced the extension program netcapital, announced the introduction of cash payments for the birth of the first child, and also noted the need for the elimination of queues in the nursery.

The benefits of the firstborn

One of the important initiatives of the President in the socio-demographic sphere was the introduction of monthly payments for the birth of the first child. It is expected that these payments will be initially 10 523 rubles. In each subsequent year, the amount should grow at roughly three hundred rubles. Payment of benefits will cease when the child reaches the age of eighteen.

The President’s initiative found broad support among community members and politicians. In particular, the head of the Commission of Public chamber (OP) on the support of family, motherhood and childhood Diana Gurtskaya particularly supported the introduction of this measure in Russia. In her opinion, it will be a serious argument for many, «not to put motherhood ahead of career goals». She also mentioned specific measures to support families to stimulate the birth rate «a serious result of the implementation of the National strategy of actions in interests of children».

The first Deputy Chairman of the faction «United Russia» Andrey Isaev has expressed a similar position on this initiative.

«Very properly chosen category from zero to one and a half because the family, where children from three to seven years, the problem is largely solved thanks to the program «kindergartens — to children», but just as the mother does not work, remains at home, receiving benefits, not wages, but wants, for example, start working early, — assistance in this case, the most effective, most important.

This is the most sensitive in this case so far,» he concluded.

Matkapital to 2021-th

The program netcapital was to be completed at the end of next year. Putin, however, announced the extension of this program until 2021.

«Funds from the maternal capital can be obtained in the form of monthly payments to those families that are in need,» — said the head of state.

He also stressed that the approach to this issue will be addressed. The Russian leader also said that now you can use the maternity capital for payment of preschool education, but rather to pay for the care and supervision of a child already at two months of age.

«I know that the relevance of this measure is very large, in particular, the mother after the birth of a child will be able to continue work or education,» — said Putin.

Mortgage special program

The President also stated the need for the introduction of a special mortgage program for families in which the first of January of the following year to be born a second or third child. It is expected that these families in the purchase of residential real estate in the primary market or the refinancing of previously obtained mortgage loans will be eligible for subsidies of state interest in excess of six percent per annum.

This initiative, like others, have received broad support among experts. In particular, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov called Putin’s initiative «absolutely correct and good». According to him, this offer would be in demand both among families and among banks. He explained that the banking sector is also interested in this initiative due to the fact that the banks will receive funds from the state budget.

Head of the analytical center CYANOGEN also saw the advantages proposed by Russian President mortgage special programs. In his opinion, now apartments for families with two or more children will be available. He also predicted sales growth two-bedroom apartments, which are due to the high popularity of one-bedroom and studios often remain unsold.

Nursery and children’s polyclinics

The Russian President also called for a quick solution to the problems with queues at the nursery. Putin noted that now the applications have been received from parents more than 326 thousand children. The same number of nursery places will be created in the next two years.

Putin also focused its attention on the state of children’s clinics. According to estimates, for the repair of buildings will need about 50 billion rubles. Regions, according to the head of the state will not be able to cover the expenses, so funds for repair of children’s clinics will be allocated from the Federal budget. It is expected that in the next three years will be allocated 30 billion rubles.

Minister of healthcare Veronika Skvortsova has supported the initiative of Vladimir Putin. According to her, the clinic buildings are in need of «significant upgrade.»

The Minister of health commented on the President’s proposals for improving the demographic situation, describing them as full and comprehensive.