In Thailand, the elephant trampled to death a German tourist

© 2017 AFP / Pornchai Kittiwongsaku tourists in the elephant village in Thailand. Archival photoIn Thailand, the elephant trampled to death a German tourist© 2017 AFP / Pornchai Kittiwongsaku

The elephant, which rolled tourists in the «white village» on the island of Koh Chang (Ko Chang), Thailand, after the tour suddenly attacked a German tourist and trampled him to death while two Russian tourists had to go to jump with the other elephants, one of them was injured, reported RIA Novosti victims themselves Russians.

The tragedy occurred in the afternoon on Thursday, said the Agency affected tourists Tatiana and Igor, who asked not to call them names. «He ended the tour, everything is already off the elephants. Guys from Russia, who was riding on the first elephant, has safely got off, and suddenly the elephant went berserk and attacked the German tourist who took pictures of him. The elephant trampled to death a German in front of everyone», — said the interlocutor of the Agency.

«The second elephant on which we sat, frightened and began to kick and stand on their hind legs, and then ran. The conductor, who since his tears, shouted to us that we immediately jumped. We jumped. I was lucky, I landed on the grass, and her husband jump when touched the bench on which we are before it was sitting on the back of an elephant. This bench was hanging on the side of the elephant from side to side and very hard hit her husband in the ribs. It is also fortunate that the husband, after this blow, fell to the grass. If the elephant had carried him a few meters, there has begun the stones, and then the bruised ribs would not get away with it» — said Tatiana.

The man was taken to hospital from the scene with severe injuries and suspected broken ribs. X-ray examination revealed no fractures, but the doctors prescribed another study in a week, as some days may appear cracked or hidden fractures, which are not visible in photographs taken immediately after the incident, she said.

She has added that, in her opinion, the blame for the tragedy, the owners of ivory the village and guides of the elephants. «It is or ill-treatment with the elephants, or something else is to blame people. Couldn’t the elephant just attack the person, not the case with animals such malicious intent,» said Tatiana.

This is the third tragedy associated with domestic elephants that have occurred in Thailand over the last week. In the South the elephant worked in logging, was killed a few days ago, his master and tried to hide his body under the branches that she tore from the trees in the scene. Then in the North, Chiang Mai, elephant-actor, for years, starred in the Thai and foreign films, suddenly attacked his guide, who had worked with him for over ten years, stabbed his tusks and trampled.

Often «rage» and attack people elephants-males in the mating season. At this time the head of an elephant from a small hole on the crown begins to stand out oily secret. Usually working to «oil» the elephant immediately isolated from all the mating. When the conductor of an elephant in a timely manner notices of allocation «oil» may happen.


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  1. Stop fucking with this animals !!! Freedom for the elephant outlaw any busines profit out animals misery ! Get a fucking life and stop abusing animals !!!

  2. Evonne Shawz | 06.12.2017 at 06:52 |

    If all the tourists refused to go & ride these elephants, or see the dolphins in seaworld, or go to circuses, or go & take selphies with tigers, etc etc etc ……. then this sort of thing will not happen. Do not go to these places & campaign to shut them down instead!

  3. Neil McGowan | 20.01.2018 at 13:24 |

    Great. One German less.

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