In the Vladimir region two men convicted of kidnapping

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The court of Vladimir region has sentenced the Deputy-the independent candidate to two years in prison for kidnapping, and his previously convicted friend received two years of strict regime colony, said Friday the Prosecutor of the region.

According to investigators, on April 23 of this year the administrator of one of the hotels in the town of Alexandrov, called the CEO with a complaint about the conduct of the hotel and asked me to come. The woman said that they were unable to call the police. According to the SC, the General Director of the hotel complex, which is a member of a rural settlement Alexandrovsky district, came with a fellow criminal. Seeing them, rowdy would hide in the office where the Manager worked for his mother, but, despite requests from the woman not to kill her son, the men pulled the troublemaker from the premises and beaten, and then tied his hands and feet with duct tape and ordered them to jump to the car, parked near the building.

According to the SC, the Deputy and his friend put the victim in the trunk, drove some distance, pulled out of the trunk, beaten, and then loaded into the trunk and drove around. Near the pond, the kidnappers pushed the victim with his hands tied and feet in the pond, and then carried to the veranda of the house, where he again was beaten, and then in the trunk of the car was taken to the city. The evening of the same day Peugeot under the control of the Deputy was stopped by traffic police. It turned out that the kidnapping was reported to the police by a bystander, who saw how bound man stuffed in the trunk.

31-year-old people’s choice, and it repeatedly previously convicted of a particularly serious crime 34-year-old friend was a criminal case under article «Kidnapping committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion». The sanction of article provides from five till 12 years of imprisonment.

«The court appointed K. (MP) sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment with its serving in a colony-settlement. G. was sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment in a correctional colony of strict regime», — stated in the message of Prosecutor’s office. Verdict in force has not entered and may be appealed.

During the investigation, the Deputy said that «dealt» with one victim and wanted to deliver him to the police for inappropriate behavior in a public place. As previously told RIA Novosti the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management SK the Russian Federation region Irina Minina, the Deputy, who is an independent candidate, at the time of investigation was under house arrest, and his friend is in custody. Recognized the victim 39-year-old man explained that the hotel came to mother to ask for money as not working and in need of funds.