The star of «Game of thrones» has told, when will the eighth season of the series

© 2013 Home Box Office, Inc.Still from the TV series Game of thrones. Sansa StarkThe star of «Game of thrones» has told, when will the eighth season of the series© 2013 Home Box Office, Inc.

The role of Sansa stark in the TV series «Game of thrones» actress Sophie Turner said that the release of the new season is scheduled for 2019, according to the publication Variety.

Earlier it was reported that the release of the next and eighth season of the television series is expected in late 2018 or early 2019.

«Game of thrones» comes out in 2019,» said Turner to the question of whether she’s excited about the premiere of the eighth season.

At the death of the series hero actor Aidan Gillen, Petyr Baelish, the actress said that it would be difficult to work on the set without him. «To say goodbye to him was very difficult… because he was my mentor. I learned a lot of lessons watching him play,» said Turner.

The actress added that filming the series was «a blessing and a curse.» «It’s a blessing and a curse, that «Game of thrones» — my first job, and what working with such amazing scenarios and incredible seasoned actors and the best team. This makes you a bit of a snob, I think,» — leads edition of the words of the performer of the role of Sansa stark.

«Game of thrones» – a popular American TV series in the fantasy genre, based on a cycle of novels by George R. R. Martin’s «a Song of ice and fire». The creators of the series got 38 prestigious Emmys.

Earlier it became known that the final episode of the seventh season of «Game of thrones», released in late August, attracted a record series 16.5 million hits.