House of Romanov: Peter the Great made a terrible mistake

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Dreilanderecke the office of the head of the Russian Imperial House, Alexander Zakatov at a press conference, the Revolution and the House of Romanov in the International multimedia press center of MIA Russia today. 2 November 2017House of Romanov: Peter the Great made a terrible mistake© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov

The Director of the Office of the House of Romanoff, Alexander Zakatov, told RIA Novosti commented on the most controversial decisions and statements of the Synod of bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church, the subject of the authenticity of the «Ekaterinburg remains,» and a version of «reincarnation» of the Emperor Alexander I in the Siberian starets Feodor Kuzmich. Interviewed By Sergey Stefanov.

— The Christian approach to the acts of any person based on the presumption of his sincerity and desire to do good. Deep is right that the Council of bishops did not ignore the appeal of the former Metropolitan of Kiev Philaret, and went on the path of dialogue and establishing a Commission to negotiate with those who have fallen away from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. The Commission was headed by permanent member of the Holy Synod, the Chairman of the Department for external Church relations Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, it includes authoritative hierarchs and clergy. Thus, the attitude to the initiative coming from the head of the uncanonical «Kiev Patriarchate», manifested very serious.

We need to pray for the healing of schism, and hope that the former Metropolitan Philaret wrote his letter not with demagogic and purely political purposes, and really wanting to return to the bosom of the Church and to achieve unity of Orthodox believers in Ukraine.

Of course, we should expect that the opponents of the Church world is also manifested great activity. You need to analyze what is happening with wisdom and caution, separating an official statement from the outrageous antics and vicious provocations.

On our part, when we defend canonical order and unity of the Church and defend the truth, it is important to avoid extremes. It is unacceptable to seek to humiliate those who are still largely far from us, but at least thinking about the possibility of repair. Our goal is not self-centeredness and not in the proud triumph over defeated enemies, and in the maximum assistance the salvation of souls.

Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna draws attention to the phenomenon: at a time when there is some kind of worldly conflict or schism, albeit from different positions, but I understand his reasons and act consciously. But when strife or schism appears the long-term history when they are joined by representatives of the following generations, they often do not remember and do not know «how it all began». And subjectively, to themselves, they don’t realize that are involved in the split. And live in captivity of myths that have been imposed on them, the founders of the conflict, which then acquired the following myths… These people deserve special sympathy, because they are hostage to the sins of others and delusions. Need with patience and delicacy to do everything possible in order not to alienate these people and explain to them what is wrong of schism, what are its origins, what terrible consequences it leads.

The head of the Romanov dynasty absolutely sure that the Russian Orthodox Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, will be manifested the most friendly, sincere and honest approach to the problem. Anyone seeking to overcome Ukrainian division to focus on the position of the Commission headed by Metropolitan Hilarion, to strengthen its credibility in the public mind and to avoid actions and statements that contradict adjusted the focus of its activities.

«Sometimes divorce can prevent a greater evil»

— Canon law of the Church is not the criminal code. It gives the reference norms of behavior of believers, but the Church does not apply under the canons of punishment with the inexorability and inevitability. In most cases, the principle of «oikonomia». This term refers to «leniency». But its literal meaning — «Domostroenie», «the dispensation of the Affairs of the family.»

The Church is also a big family, a spiritual family is built on the principle of the Fatherland, brotherhood and Sisterhood. On the other hand, the Christian family is, ideally, «a little Church».

In any family, large or small, spiritual or temporal, it is impossible to live without kindness to each other. Condescension does not justify the sin, not lower the bar for virtue, but allows for exceptions in special cases, to forgive the weakness and passions, not to bring the sinner to despair, not to impose on anyone the burden, to see their own shortcomings and not to usurp the role of the Pharisees impeccable judges.

Adopted by the Council of bishops document «On the canonical aspects of Church marriage» not only brought together the provisions of the canons concerning matrimony, but also presented them in a modern and understandable language.

The document takes account of the circumstances of our time. It would be hypocritical not to take into account the obvious fact that current laws, the General state of moral views, economic and social conditions have a powerful impact on the institution of the family. Alas, in General, this impact was unfavorable for traditional family values. It’s important not to go too far in any direction: on the one hand, it is impossible to neglect the ecclesiastical institutions and the ideal of the Christian family «in favor of century to this», and with another — to encourage people to care in a «spiritual ghetto», the artificial enclosure from the outside world.

The increase in the number of divorces is primarily due to a reduction in the liability of the intending spouses. Unfortunately, even many believers forget that husband and wife become «flesh one.» In the minds of much of society, marriage is sacred Union of love between a man and a woman became a «sexually-business partnership».

Simplification of the legal procedure of divorce is also an important factor. But it would be a mistake to think that there is a direct correlation between the tightening of divorce and increase the sense of responsibility of the spouses. Excessive restrictions often lead to hypocrisy, when the marriage actually broke up, but people pretend it exists, or to the buildup of mutual hatred between those who realized that the further joint life is impossible, but is doomed to live with the unloved person.

The Orthodox Church with love and wisdom and had walked, and now there is a middle way. She supports the idea of the sanctity of marriage, but recognises that in some cases divorce becomes the lesser evil to prevent greater evil.

— By the way, as a separate item in the regulations of the Council of bishops is the subject of abortion. The hierarchs of the Russian Church expressed concern that the Church’s position on the prevention and removal of abortion from the compulsory health insurance system «is not understanding the authorities.» The Ministry of health have not ruled out that such measures can lead to increased maternal mortality and the number of criminal abortions. Whether the situation in the Imperial House, what is your position?

— The Church cannot be a supporter of abortion, by definition. No matter what anyone claimed, no matter what theory or cited, abortion is the interruption new life. And life is a gift from God, and taken her at any stage is a grave sin.

Critics of the Church often enter the public astray. Yes, there are cases when you have to choose between saving the life of the human person or the preservation of the still evolving human being. And each case is individual. But the Church has never insisted that the embryo should be maintained at all costs, even at the cost of deliberate death of the mother. If such barbaric views someone and speak, this has nothing to do with the official position of the Church.

In «Bases of the social concept of the Russian Orthodox Church clearly States: «In cases where there is a direct threat to the mother’s life if pregnancy continues, especially if she has other children, in pastoral practice, it is recommended to be lenient. The woman who interrupted pregnancy in such circumstances, not be excluded from Eucharistic communion with the Church, but that fellowship is conditional on the execution of its personal penitential rule of prayer, which is determined by the priest, receiving confession».

There are other difficult circumstances, for example, conception is the result of rape or detection of fetal signs of a terrible painful disease. Here the state, really, most likely, you can’t just categorically establish an absolute prohibition. Such prohibitions are, indeed, would produce more evil clandestine abortions, the criminalization of a significant part of this segment of health care. But the Church has a right to urge that, at least, the approval of abortion by a state does not become their propaganda. And has the right to expect that public policy would not be directed at promoting abortion, and the maximum possible reduction.

It should be noted that the Church, not justifying any prenatal murder, however, and here follows the path of oikonomia. She does not reject women who committed abortion, especially under some tragic circumstances. But the Church can not recognize any abortion the norm. Sin is still sin, under whatever circumstances he never committed. If you refuse this postulate, we deprive people of the opportunity of repentance. The Russian Imperial House are in full agreement with this position of the Russian Orthodox Church.
«No need to be zealous not according to knowledge»

— Another issue raised by the bishops of the Russian Church, is a modern culture and the feelings of believers. One of the documents of the Cathedral says that «what is sacred for many people, it should not become the object of ridicule and provocations». In your opinion, today it really became a problem in Russia, or still talking about some isolated cases of misunderstanding between artists and believers? The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya, by the way, believes that the Imperial House takes too soft a stance on this issue, and why she even returned to her bestowed titles of nobility and the Imperial order…

— Still, it’s more about individual cases than about the wave of anti-Catholic actions, as it was during the «war on religion». Just works that offend religious feelings, become more visible due to the fact that it artificially attract attention. Unfortunately, this involves not only the conscious creators and distributors of blasphemy, but zealous not according to knowledge, which reflexively respond to provocation in precisely the manner as suggested by the provocateurs. And they just happily rubbing their hands in glee.

A sad example of Natalia Vladimirovna Poklonskaya is one of the most revealing. Her attack against the Imperial House is based on the fanaticism of a sectarian sense and a complete lack of knowledge in the life and activities of the dynasty. Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna expressed in relation to the movie «Matilda» opinion identical to the opinion of the Church, voiced by Metropolitan Hilarion and Bishop Egorievsk Tikhon: the film is untrue and in many ways blasphemous, but to ban it is pointless as it will only create him.

Natalia Vladimirovna Poklonskaya, obviously thinks he’s smarter and more righteous than not only the Romanovs, but of the Church. It turns out, protect themselves from the Romanov Romanovs and the Orthodox Church. It looks ridiculous and comical. At the same time hurt and sad for the state of mind of Natalia Polonskaya. For it is necessary to pray fervently.

«The slightest doubt as to the authenticity should not be»

— Many people probably expected that the current bishops ‘ Council will speak on the topic «Ekaterinburg remains,» however, the final «Message» of the Cathedral only hoped that upon completion of studies «will be revealed the truth» about their affiliation. Portal, however, has already openly published some of the results of completed examinations. Which version is now leaning House of Romanov? What is the main condition for the recognition of the «Yekaterinburg remains» Royal?

— The house of Romanov and the Russian Orthodox Church has never denied the possibility that the «Yekaterinburg remains» are the relics of the Holy Royal martyrs and their faithful servants. It is only about what is required to resolve all doubts and make a final decision on the basis of a truly comprehensive scientific expertise and in the spirit of the Church and public consent.

In the world there are forces more interested in the authenticity of the «Ekaterinburg remains,» the Church and the Imperial House. For the Church is the emergence of yet another great shrines to which the faithful flock, but for the dynasty, plus another opportunity to bow to the undoubted tomb of relatives. And if the Church and the Imperial family urge caution, it is done not out of some strange stubbornness, but out of a sense of higher responsibility. After all, the relics, according to the statutes of the Orthodox Church, will be given the appropriate reverence. In this regard, the slightest doubt of their authenticity should not be.

To the credit of the state power, it recognized the errors committed in the previous examination, went against the Church and sanctioned the research of the «Yekaterinburg remains» virtually from scratch. While the Church provided the opportunity to observe all stages of the examination and to oversee its impartiality, transparency and honesty.

At a conference held at the Sretensky monastery on the eve of the Council of bishops under the personal chairmanship of his Holiness Patriarch Kirill was given the opportunity to speak to representatives of all points of view. The overall impression that the supporters of the authenticity of the «Ekaterinburg remains,» this time looked more prepared and persuasive than opponents. More important, in the event of movement towards recognition of the Church remains true all doubt was removed, all versions tested, and no one there would be no reason to introduce confusion among believers.

House of Romanov: Peter the Great made a terrible mistake© Photo : from personal archive of Anatoly Stepanovichem: made important discoveries in the «Royal» octanometer to pay attention to this aspect. In addition to the sincere and honest people who are in the majority among supporters of the authenticity of the «Ekaterinburg remains,» and among the doubters, alas, in both categories there are people politicologie this issue and want not the truth, but to self-advertising on a popular topic. They are two opposite ends trying to make the situation a deadlock.

Political supporters of the authenticity of expect a rematch, and really want to use a possible recognition as a pretext for attacks on the Russian Orthodox Church, which, allegedly, many years interfered with the burial and veneration of the remains of the Royal family contrary to the arguments of science.

And political opponents of the authenticity, had time to declare «the Ekaterinburg remains» «limosani» and «satanic forgery», strive to in whatever was to prevent the potential recognition and to make the Church hostage to their unreasonable fanaticism before. The deficit of the arguments these people just start to resort to whipping up hysteria, inventing outrageous exotic «versions».

Both should settle down and show Christian humility. The Church will accept the decision which will correspond to the truth, and when the time comes. If someone does not recognize the authority of the Church, we must be honest to say so and not try to pretend to be Orthodox.

— It is known that the white investigator Nicholas Sokolov, who led the investigation in 1919, had come to the conclusion that the burning of the remains of the Royal family in the area of Ganina Yama. Some of the modern experts tend to trust his conclusions, noting that it was a man very responsible, meticulous, in his report to the Empress Maria Feodorovna, he could say only what was absolutely certain. And in the House of Romanov refer to the findings of Sokolov and his investigation?

House of Romanov: Peter the Great made a terrible mistake© Photo : Public DomainЗагадка Royal tombs: the circumstances of the death of the Romanovs in Moscow to discuss — To the investigator Nikolai Alekseevich Sokolov of the House of Romanov treats with great respect and honor his memory. Grandfather of Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna Tsar Kirill took the title of Emperor in exile only after Nikolai Sokolov presented to him the results of his investigation, conclusively proving that the Emperor Nicholas II, Tsarevich Alexei, all members of the Royal family and the Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich was executed. And regarding the fate of the remains of the Holy Royal martyrs Nicholas Sokolov was being completely honest. He really came to the conclusion that the bodies of the martyrs was completely destroyed by fire and acid at Ganina Yama. Nikolai Sokolov did not cheat and was not misled. But this does not exclude that in some nuances he had a full information that do not have time to explore, somewhere jumped to conclusions.

In General, and the main materials of the investigation of Nicholas A. Sokolov’s trustworthy. But this does not exclude that the newly discovered data and expertise not available in his time, but the real now, will allow to reconsider some conclusions made in the course of the first investigation of regicide.

«Peter the Great made a terrible mistake»

— This year is for the Russian Orthodox Church under the sign of the century the local Council of 1917-1918 and the restoration of the Patriarchate. Actually, in this century anniversary was timed and the last Council of bishops. In your opinion, should the least studied and sought after today the legacy of the all-Russian local Council? And why for two centuries the Royal family has not seen the need for the Patriarch?

— The local Council of 1917-1918 was held in extremely difficult conditions. It was had an inevitable impact the atmosphere of revolutionary turmoil. Its most important decisions were taken in the true conciliar spirit and in full accordance with the previous conciliar tradition. Something that was spawned by the modernist trends and the political situation. The life of the Church itself showed that the decrees of this Council was in line with Orthodox tradition and heritage, and that turned out to be alien and unnecessary.

House of Romanov: Peter the Great made a terrible mistake© RIA Novosti / RIA to Novoshepelychi in photobanks: it is important to prevent the division of society in connection with the centenary revolucionou important that the Cathedral was the restoration of the Patriarchate. This act has been prepared at the Imperial power. But the process was delayed for a number of objective and subjective reasons. The restoration of the Patriarchate were the enemies not only among officials and politicians, but also among the hierarchy. However, after discussion at the Council the decision of the extraordinary spiritual and historical significance was made.

Speaking at the festive meal after the service in the Donskoy monastery in honor of the 100th anniversary of the election of the Holy Patriarch Tikhon, the head of the House of Romanov Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna has officially stated that «her ancestor Peter the Great made a terrible mistake, abolishing the institution of the Patriarchate and biurokratiia the government of the Church,» and noted that «the revival of the Patriarchate helped the Church to survive in times of fierce persecution for the faith.»

— What measures does the Russian Imperial House in 2018, when it will be 100 years since the execution of the Royal family?

Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna calls for the veneration of the Holy Royal martyrs in any case have not acquired dark and intense. After all, we gloriously celebrate the days of memory of the Christian martyrs of the first centuries of the Church’s existence. And that, as a rule, also their days of torment and death. But as the Savior, endured torture and death on the cross, was resurrected, and trampled upon his death and the martyrs of past ages and of our time, his death won the victory over evil. And we need to honor them with a joyful feeling, without falling into despair, without becoming like the Pharisees, decorating the graves of the prophets and then undermined their commandments, and seeking to serve the ideals for which the martyrs shed their blood.

The Holy Emperor Nicholas II shortly before the execution was transferred from prison via his daughter, the Holy Grand Princess Olga Nikolayevna that he forgave all, that asks no one to avenge him, and that «no evil will conquer Evil, but only love.»

House of Romanov: Peter the Great made a terrible mistake© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise in fotobabble 60 thousand people went in procession on the anniversary of the death of Nicholas At words are often quoted head of the House of Romanoff and her heir, Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich. The Imperial family is convinced that the best form of veneration of saints and heroes are a charity, dedicated to their memory. Of course, in the year of the 100th anniversary of martyrdom of the Royal martyrs will also be made associated with this anniversary solemn Patriarchal and hierarchal divine services, conducted by the scientific and public conferences, published books, shot films, a memorial of the structure. In many of these events will participate the Grand Duchess and Grand Duke, sometimes together, sometimes separately. It is expected the attendance of Yekaterinburg, Alapaevsk, Perm and St. Petersburg — cities, where he was executed back Home the members of the Imperial House and their servants.

 — There is another round number, which is celebrated in December: exactly 240 years since the birth of the Emperor Alexander I. When I recently started to read the memoirs of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich Romanov, the first thing he starts, it gives an interesting detail: the testimony of the time in Taganrog, which is a few hours before the announcement of the death of the Emperor sees his hastily retreating from the Palace… do You believe in the theory that the death of Alexander I, was staged, and he was a Siberian starets Feodor Kuzmich?

— Memoirs of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich contain some fictions that are added by the publicists who helped him to prepare a memoir for publication. They sought to attract the attention of readers, but of course, next to outright fabrications diminished its value as a historical source. Brother Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich Grand Duke Nikolai Mikhailovich (shot by the Bolsheviks in the Peter and Paul fortress), a former professional historian, has studied the issue and came to the conclusion that the legend of Theodore Kozmich as mysteriously escaped the Emperor Alexander I — just a beautiful legend, do not have serious grounds.

Imperial House and his loyal compatriots stick to the official point of view, unchanged since 1825: Tsar Alexander I died on 19 November 1825 in Taganrog and was buried in the crypt of the Cathedral, and the elder Theodore Kozmich — another person. No one has presented truly persuasive evidence that this can be challenged.

«Not in force God, but in truth»

— At the meeting in November of this year, the XI Assembly of the Russian world, it was noted that, traditionally, the ideas of the Russian world was inherent global nature. Starting from the famous formula «Moscow — the Third Rome» and to the idea of building communism in the twentieth century… How would you define the national «Russian idea» today, which wrote a lot of our thinkers in Russia and in emigration before and after the October revolution? In General, there is this idea?

— I can not agree that the permissible conduct of a single line or even Parallels between the idea of «Moscow — the Third Rome» and the idea of a worldwide triumph of communism.

The first idea is based on a deep sense of spiritual continuity and the perception of the traditional cultural, legal and political heritage. And the second on the break with continuity, on the denial of its spiritual foundations, the violation and destruction of the old system of traditional values.

Another thing is that the code of Russian civilization was stronger atheistic totalitarian ideology of communism, and our people were able to digest communism, to adapt what it was, as the Emperor Kirill Vladimirovich, «life is called» and to get rid of «defiling the soul of man.»

House of Romanov: Peter the Great made a terrible mistake© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Traveloperator in photobacteria Seidler: the West can not accept the fact that Russia okrepla about the «Russian idea» there are many opinions. In General, the national idea is not some armchair theory, formulated by intellectuals or politicians, and that is manifested by the people, sometimes not consciously, but constantly. And allows him not to die in times of disaster and misfortune, and not to fall into excessive pride in times of victory and prosperity.

I think that if you try to Express the national idea, the underlying Russian culture, it may just be the words of the Holy Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky: «Not in force God, but in truth».