Italy said when they will resume deliveries of Russian gas

© REUTERS / Heinz-Peter BaderМесто of the gas pipeline explosion in Baumgarten, AustriaItaly said when they will resume deliveries of Russian gas© REUTERS / Heinz-Peter Bader

Russian gas deliveries to Italy can resume as early as Tuesday, said RIA Novosti the representative of the Italian gas company Snam.

This will happen if it is confirmed that the gas infrastructure network is not seriously affected.

Morning in the gas hub in Baumgarten, Austria, an explosion occurred that killed one and injured 18 people. The work hub is fully stopped, stopped the transit of gas to Italy, Slovenia and Hungary.

According to the representative of Snam, the incident occurred in the area of the gas transport network in Austria, which is controlled by the operator Gas Connect. He noted that energy security of Italy provide reserves in the vaults of the company. Also, the Ministry of economic development has announced the country’s state of emergency.

Hub in Baumgarten is an international centre for gas trade, among the three largest gas distribution centers in Europe. Through the station passes about third of all Russian gas supplies to Western Europe.