MSU opened the 4th Congress «Innovative practice: science plus business»

© RIA Novosti / Yulia Maklakova MSU opened the 4th Congress of Innovative practice: science plus businessMSU opened the 4th Congress «Innovative practice: science plus business»© RIA Novosti / Julia Maklakova

In the Lomonosov building of Moscow state University was the opening of the fourth Congress «Innovative practice: science plus business». During the plenary session of the Congress, experts discussed how the universal values affect the development of innovative technologies than generation Z differs from all previous ones, and why at the modern stage of society development is important not only to obtain knowledge but also be able to apply them.

Touching on the theme of universal values, first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov expressed a point of view, according to which now the country is undergoing a period of formation of the universal values of modern Russian society.

«Values are enduring some changes, transformation acquire some new shades. And it will last more than one year», — said Shuvalov.

Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Russian science Foundation Andrei Fursenko noted that members of generation Z and generation Y are willing to participate in the future, and are willing to take responsibility.

«Nobody wants to future, taken by someone under the key. Maybe something could be wrong, but it is their life, This will be their future. It is also one of the values, they are ready to take responsibility for their decisions,» — said Fursenko.

When speaking about the signs of modern time, Fursenko said that now there is the acceleration of the pace of life. «The pace is such that we often do not just do not have time to adapt to changes in life, we do not have time to realize them. It requires a decision, quickly, immediately», he said.

Rector of Moscow state University. Lomonosov Victor Sadovnichy at the plenary meeting gave details of a survey according to which 86% of students among their life priorities and values is called knowledge.

«Only 4% said they have more important value than knowledge» — said Sadovnichy and added that among other priorities, the students called health, and love.

In turn, the Chairman of the Board, General Director of JSC «Gazprom Neft» Alexander Dyukov told about the formation of goals and values in the company. According to him, four or five years ago, the company began the transition from a culture of success to a culture of innovation, cooperation and harmony.

The Chairman of the Board of PJSC «SIBUR holding» Dmitry Konov noted that at the present stage has changed the value of knowledge: now it is important not just to obtain knowledge but also be able to apply them in practice.

«For us as employers shifted the focus from the value of the knowledge to value competence. What we appreciate most in my employees is the ability to apply information from various areas and apply it in specific situations in which he finds himself,» said Konov.

The Chairman of the Board of JSC «inter RAO» Boris Kovalchuk touched on the topic of the digital revolution. He noted that over the past 100 years in 100 times increased speed of technology diffusion and the rate of introduction of those or other products.

«The appearance of the car, from the appearance of the first car up to 100 million user of the vehicle has passed, in my opinion, about 40-50 years. Then came digital technology and mobile phones, their mass distribution, it took about 10 years. Now, various services and an information platform reaches 100 million consumers (some) in less than a year,» he said.

Also in honor of the fifth anniversary of «Inpractice» at the opening of the Congress were the international star Sergei Polunin.


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  1. I am writing on behalf of Sergei Polunin fans, thousands of people around the globe. We highly appreciate your invitation to Sergei to dance at the opening of your Congress. This is a big recognition for him and his art as a symbol of innovation and value.
    We are determined to gather and preserve all his presentations. Please, connect me with the person who is able to give us a video of his full presentation. We found only several seconds of it and we believe that it worth the endeavors to find the full record.
    We wish great success to your scientists an business.
    Thank you,
    Daniela Petrova, Ph.D.

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