On Kamchatka will punish the guilty in the incident with the parcels at the airport

© Fotolia / Julia MashkovaКамчатка. Archival photoOn Kamchatka will punish the guilty in the incident with the parcels at the airport© Fotolia / Julia Mashkova

The authorities of Kamchatka have promised that the perpetrators of the incident with a cargo of Mail of Russia in the airport village of Ust-khairyuzovo, where parcels scattered on the runway the flow of air from the turbines of the plane, held accountable, informs the regional government.

Previously, the Internet is widely dispersed video made on a runway on Kamchatka. It shows the plane starts moving near the pile of parcels lying on the runway, and blows the air flow of the turbines. In the Post of Russia RIA Novosti reported that the airline «Kamchatka airlines» (CAP) and the airfield service «the Airports of Kamchatka» violated aviation rules: the crew of the CAP aircraft began to move, making sure that the ground service has removed the cargo from the platform.

«On this fact the heads of JSC «Kamchatka aviation enterprise» and FPK «the Airports of Kamchatka» taken explanations from the flight crew and pilots. Also interviews were conducted with the airfield service and of persons directly involved in the unloading of mail. The guilty in this situation will be applied measures of disciplinary punishment,» — are reported words of the Minister of transport and road construction of Kamchatskiy Krai Vladimir Kayumov.

According to him, the incident the cargo was not damaged, «however, this case is a flagrant inconsistencies need organizational work.»

«The leaders of the above companies will be indicated on the inadmissibility of such violations in the future», — said Kayumov. He added that the appropriate check on the incident is held by the specialists of Federal air transport Agency and the transport Prosecutor’s office.