Rowling received the Order of the Knights of honor

© REUTERS / Andrew Matthews/PoolПисательница Rowling received the Order of the Knights of honor at Buckingham Palace in London. 12 Dec 2017Rowling received the Order of the Knights of honor© REUTERS / Andrew Matthews/Pool

. British writer, author of a series of books about boy wizard Harry Potter Joanne Rowling on Tuesday received from the hands of Prince William sign the order of the Knights of honor award, which simultaneously can not be more than 65 owners.

JK Rowling says she’s proud to receive the royal honor

— Hawaii News (@HInewswire) 12 December 2017.

«I think this is a great honor for me and very proud of the award,» said Rowling.

The members of the order, founded in 1917 by king George V, accepted by its members for outstanding achievements in the fields of art, literature, music, science, politics, industry and religion. The order is headed by the monarch. Knights of the order are, including physicist Stephen Hawking, former member of the Beatles Paul McCartney, artist David Hockney, actress Maggie Smith.

«Enter a diverse multi-talented company of the knights of honor, especially as a writer-woman, is a special honor,» said Rowling in a statement.

At a ceremony in Buckingham Palace 52-year-old Rowling arrived accompanied by husband, doctor Neil Murray.