«RT-invest», said the value of the input in the suburbs of separate waste collection

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petulantly garbage collection. Archival photo«RT-invest», said the value of the input in the suburbs of separate waste collection© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev

More than 10 billion rubles may be necessary to create in the Moscow region of the system of separate waste collection, told reporters the General Director of «RT-invest» Andrey Shipilov in the framework of the «ECOTECH-2017».

«This is a significant figure. I think it’s more than ten billion… within three years should be made all these investments, respectively, will all the same stages, there will be some cities where it will be possible soon to implement,» said Shipilov.

According to him, the rate of introduction of system of separate collection will depend on including from the consciousness of the residents who should benefit from the created infrastructure.

Earlier, the head of «RT-invest», said that the company plans to participate in the competition for the selection of the regional operator in the field of waste management in the Moscow region.

Subsidiary company «RT-invest» is AGK-1, which is engaged in the construction of incinerators in the suburbs. Earlier Tuesday, the head of the AGK-1 Igor Timofeev reported that the project on construction of a waste incinerator near the village, Swithin Voskresensky district is on schedule, the project documentation is ready.

«The contract that we carry in the Moscow region for the construction of four (incineration — ed.) plants is the investment volume of 120 billion rubles for four years. All the money stays practically on the territory of the subject, and that salaries, taxes, purchase of technology, loading jobs…», added Shipilov.

ECOTECH, an annual international business event in the field of innovation, environmental technologies and environmental protection, held in Moscow in 2016. Organizer — The Ministry Of Natural Resources. MIA «Russia today» is the General information partner of the event.