Russian movie box office reached a record 12 billion rubles

© Fotolia / StockPhotoProЗрители in the cinema. Archival photoRussian movie box office reached a record 12 billion rubles© Fotolia / StockPhotoPro

Cash gathering of the Russian cinema in 2017 reached a peak of 12 billion rubles, said Tuesday the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky at a meeting of the state Duma Committee on culture.

He recalled that the result of a systematic work on the promotion of the national cinema was held in last year, the Russian movie. Then charges of domestic cinema amounted to 8 billion rubles.

«The total number of viewers to date, 50.5 million people — an increase of plus 20.5 million compared with 2011. Accordingly, the Russian box office movie from 5.8 billion to 12 today,» said Medina.

According to him, the data show that if the Ministry was started five years ago with the share of Russian films about 16.5%, today it was 24% — an increase of almost 1.5 times.

Medina also stressed that the Soyuzmultfilm reborn industrial-educational complex-Technopark, changes in legislation, which allow to equate the activities of multipliers to activities of programmers and IT-specialists.

«We hope that this bill to you (the state Duma Committee on culture — ed.) will be considered. The government finally supported. Three years of very hard discussion with the economic Department, which believed that in this way allegedly, the Ministry of Finance will lose something, we managed to convince that you will not lose but gain», — said the Minister.