Sberbank in 10 days to finish the investigation of the failure in November

© RIA Novosti / Konstantin Callowland of the savings Bank at the ATM. Archival photoSberbank in 10 days to finish the investigation of the failure in November© RIA Novosti / Konstantin Chalabov

Sberbank is currently investigating the reasons for technical failure, which occurred on November 30, when customers experienced difficulties with some operations on the cards; after about 10 days it will be completed, said the head of Sberbank German Gref.

According to Gref, technical failure of November 30, had quite an extensive distribution, a second failure in December — local. He noted that both technical failure was associated with the transition of the technology platform of Sberbank to stand in (reduced functionality mode).

«It (the transition to the stand — in- ed.) were tested twice in the night mode, the transition occurred in the night, it worked fine. Industrial trials on Thursday at 8 PM, when the biggest load was a glitch. For smaller loads it is not implemented, and as a result we have lost up to 40% of card transactions for 50 minutes,» — said the head of the largest Russian Bank.

«It has been clarified the reason, we hope that such failures will not be repeated. Although we have a huge number of implementations,» — said Gref. Second failure was also linked with a move to stand in, has affected about 27 Moscow offices.

«In General, understand the reasons, but the final investigation will end in about 10 days because we conduct several types of investigations, including independent,» — said Gref.

A number of clients of Sberbank all over Russia 30 Nov experienced difficulties with some operations on the cards, but the crashing has been fixed. Second, the failure of the Bank occurred last Friday: for technical reasons, some clients could face some limitations when serving in the offices of Sberbank in Moscow.