Scientists told about the differences between «male» flu «female»

© Fotolia / nyulЛекарства taken during colds and fluScientists told about the differences between «male» flu «female»© Fotolia / nyul

A scientist from Memorial University of Newfoundland found that men experience far more serious symptoms of respiratory diseases than women. The results of a study published in the journal The BMJ.

Professor of family medicine from Canada Kyle sue studied a large number of scientific papers on how respiratory infections are carried by men and women. Scientists have discovered that men have weaker immune responses to disease detailed kind.

«Men can not exaggerate the symptoms, but just to have a weaker immune response to respiratory viruses, which leads to higher morbidity and mortality than women,» writes sue. Therefore, men have flu and colds are often accompanied by complications that can lead to hospitalization or even death.

In addition, a canadian scientist cites a survey, according to which men need two times more time to recover after an illness.

Such differences employee of Memorial University of Newfoundland, explains the role when infected hormones. The «female» hormone estrogen more effectively reduces the amount of virus in the cells of the body, whereas the male testosterone on the contrary reduces the immune response.

«Studies of influenza vaccination have shown that women are more susceptible to such vaccines,» writes the scientist.

He also noted that men with higher testosterone levels observed a weaker immune response to vaccination.