State Department: anti-Russian sanctions are not directed against American business

© Photo : U. S. State DepartmentЗдание of the US state Department in Washington. Archive photoState Department: anti-Russian sanctions are not directed against American business© Photo : U.S. State Department

First the us Deputy Secretary of state John Maccarrick said Tuesday in the U.S. Senate that sanctions against Russia’s energy sector is not directed against business in the USA and the EU.

«Neither the business community of the US, no company our partners and allies are not the goal of our sanctions,» — said in a written statement macquarrie of the international Affairs Committee of the Senate.

Maccarrick not explained how it is combined with the termination of the joint projects, which takes place in 2014, including American business. He also stressed that the United States against the construction of the pipeline «Nord stream-2», in which the key role is played by European companies.

The U.S. Treasury on 31 October published the amendments to the fourth Directive on technological sanctions in the energy sector of Russia, which now will not only affect projects in the country, but new projects abroad.

According to the document, individuals and legal entities located in U.S. jurisdiction, 29 January 2018, it is prohibited from doing business with Russian companies in deepwater, Arctic and shale energy projects. Relevant persons are prohibited without a license or other authorization of the Office of foreign assets control to supply, export, re-export, the provision of technology for the exploration or production of deepwater, Arctic or shale projects.

The US President Donald trump on 2 August signed a law «On combating the enemies of America through sanctions» against Russia, Iran and North Korea. The document in particular provided that by 1 October the US administration should provide a list of individuals and organizations in the defense and intelligence sector of Russia for «significant» transaction with which it may be sanctioned.State Department: anti-Russian sanctions are not directed against American business© RIA Novosti, Infographicsrussia against Russia and international trade