The Central Bank said about the overabundance of coins

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in fotoracconti. Archival photoThe Central Bank said about the overabundance of coins© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

The number of coins in circulation in Russia significantly exceeds the needs of the population, to the letter of the Central Bank, published by the Association of Russian banks (ARB).

The Central Bank noted that the number of coins in the country about 1.5 times more than in the Eurozone.

«Given the sufficiency of coins in circulation, credit institutions are encouraged to work with clients on the necessity of putting coins on a regular basis in the offices of credit organizations», — cites the recommendation of the regulator.

For these purposes, the Central Bank advises banks to consider the possibility of equipping the premises of credit institutions means monetariamente modules and their installation in large retail organizations, as well as to optimize tariff policy in the implementation of credit institutions operations of the exchange.

The regulator also reported that currently, we cannot mix orders to mint coins in denominations of 1 penny and 5 cents.