«The difference between the two schools»: Roscosmos said the reason for the unsuccessful launch from the East

© Photo : page GK «Rosatom» in FacebookВывоз of the carrier rocket Soyuz-2.1 b launch complex of the Vostochny space centre«The difference between the two schools»: Roscosmos said the reason for the unsuccessful launch from the East© Photo : page GK «Rosatom» in Facebook

First Deputy head of Corporation «Rosatom» Alexander Ivanov called the cause of the unsuccessful launch from the East. According to him, it is about incorrect operation of the software algorithms.

According to Roscosmos, in the preparation of algorithms experts did not take into account the azimuths of the start-up. This led to the fact that the orientation of the unit after separation from the launch vehicle identified correctly.

The cause of the accident

According to Ivanov, the existing mathematical modeling techniques could not identify similar errors, although the Soyuz, Fregat, its components and the propulsion system worked according to the specified algorithm.

He noted that because of the combination of these reasons «at the moment of separation of the booster from the carrier error in the rotation was 363 degrees».

The frigate began to turn, but failed to do so, as has already joined boosters, which gave an impetus for an incorrectly oriented unit.

As pointed out by Ivanov, an accident resulting difference approaches to the design of control systems for the upper stage and the Soyuz.

«Here ran into the difference of the two schools. NPO automation produces control system of the launch vehicle and the school npcap control system of the booster units. <…> The discrepancy founded 20 years ago,» he said.

As noted by the head of Roscosmos Igor Komarov, analysis of the incident led the Commission to detect problems not previously explored.

«We are faced not even that turned the sensors of angular velocity, and that messed up the solder when welding, and not even negligence and lack of discipline in the workplace, and with features of the software algorithm, which was compiled about 20 years ago and has been successfully applied 62 times while working the upper stage «Fregat» other cosmodrome», he said.

Feature of this launch was combined Soyuz — Fregat — East, said the head of Roscosmos, noting that he intends to personally lead a special Commission to identify those responsible in the accident.

How was the start

Rocket «Soyuz-2.1 b» November 28, launched the upper stage «Fregat» with the satellite remote sensing of the Earth «meteor-M» №2-1, but to deliver the spacecraft into the target orbit failed.

In addition, it was planned that the launch vehicle will orbit for another 18 small spacecraft payloads.

Among them «Baumanets-2», developed by students of Moscow state technical University by order of the University to NPO Mashinostroyenia. Under a payload fairing of the rocket apparatus was located the LEO Vantage, the Norwegian satellite monitoring of the seas AISSat-3, the observer for the space debris IDEA and a satellite to study the Earth’s magnetosphere SEAM.

In addition, the orbit must be out of ten devices for tracking marine vessels LEMUR, two American agricultural satellite Landmapper-BC and German experimental apparatus D-StarOne.

Later, Roskosmos confirmed the falling of the upper stage with the satellites into the ocean. Conducted by the special Commission calculations showed that the most likely location Northern part of the Atlantic ocean at 42 degrees North, 38 degrees West longitude, with a scatter on the highway the fall of -120 +230 km, ±45 kilometers perpendicular to the track of the fall.

Launch of «Zenit» will take place

Despite the investigation of the accident with the «Frigate», the launch rocket «Zenit» with the first Angolan satellite AngoSat-1, will be held on the appointed day, confirmed Ivanov.

Earlier it was reported that the launch of «Zenit» moved from 7 to 26 December due to issues with one of the valves of the upper stage «Fregat».

He said that the accident of the booster «Frigate» comes from the coincidence of many unique conditions geographical coordinates of the launch pad, the difference in the way of counting the azimuth for the rocket «Soyuz» and the upper stage Fregat and orbit, which had to deliver the «meteor-M».

It was assumed that the meteorological Department first and find yourself on a sun-synchronous orbit altitude of about 800 km and inclination to 98.8°.

Thus, the upper stage, «participate» in the 62 launches from Baikonur, Plesetsk and Kourou, will not have any way to double-check or modify.

The third launch was postponed

However, the third launch from the Vostochny space rocket «Soyuz-2.1 a» with the satellites «Canopus» was moved to the end of January 2018. This decision was made due to the elimination of the causes of the accident with the «Frigate».

Ivanov noted that although the correction software will not take a lot of time on testing and various approvals will take a long time.

The Vostochny cosmodrome is located near the city of Kaluga in the Amur region. Historic first launch of the carrier rocket «Soyuz-2.1 a» with the East with three satellites held 28 April 2016.

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