The Embassy urged people to be vigilant after the terrorist attack in new York

© RIA Novosti / Olga Denisoverlay at bus station Port Authority in new York after reports of an explosion. 11 Dec 2017The Embassy urged people to be vigilant after the terrorist attack in new York© RIA Novosti / Olga Denisova

The Russian Embassy in Washington called in USA the Russians after the explosion in new York city to be vigilant and avoid places of a mass congestion of people.

«With alarm have apprehended the message about what happened this morning the attempted terrorist attack in new York. The Consulate General of Russia has no evidence that among the victims were the Russians. We urge our fellow citizens to remain vigilant and to avoid mass gatherings of people», — said the press Secretary of the Embassy of Nicholas Lahonin.

The Embassy also noted that Russia and the United States can protect its citizens from terrorist attacks through cooperation. «Methods of international terrorism are the same around the world. Russia they are well known. Our country has been the target of such attacks. Only a United and coordinated action, including through the resumption of anti-terrorist efforts of intelligence services, you can ensure reliable security for the citizens of our countries», — said Lahonin.

The explosion in the transition

On Monday in new York city in Manhattan in the underpass explosion. According to preliminary data, the suspect 27-year-old Okayed Ulla powered tethered to the body «improvised explosive device of low quality». He received burns and cuts, three more people nearby for minor injuries.

According to media reports, Ulla chose the location for a terrorist attack, «inspired by» last year’s attack on a Christmas fair in Berlin. However, he wanted revenge for American strikes on targets of ISIS* in Syria.

According to the police, Ulla assembled the bomb in his apartment in Brooklyn, according to the instructions found on the Internet. In the manufacture he used a Christmas garland, pipe, deletevolume battery and matches.

Taxi driver

Ulla came to USA on immigration visa from Bangladesh 21 February 2011. He legally has residence permit in the country. In new York he worked as a taxi driver, but the term of its license has expired.

The President of the United States Donald trump after the terrorist attack in new York stressed the need for the adoption by Congress of reforms, including in the immigration field. The head of state noted that the alleged terrorist came to the United States under the program so-called family migration, «inconsistent with national security.»

* A terrorist group banned in Russia