The Russians have increased spending to prepare for the New year, the survey showed

© RIA Novosti / Nina Sociability in photosangelina tree. Archival photoThe Russians have increased spending to prepare for the New year, the survey showed© RIA Novosti news Agency / Nina Sociability the image Bank

Total daily expenses of Russians in November continued to rise, adding to the October rate of 2.4%, significantly ahead of the monthly inflation of 0.2 per cent, said the research holding «ROMIR», which is available to RIA Novosti.

According to the study, in the context of the year growth in November of Russians spending was 3.7%, which also exceeds the accumulated for the year inflation of 2.5%.

Research Romir household Scan Panel based on the consumption data of 30 million Russians, 11 million households in 180 cities with a population over 10 thousand people. Participants scan barcodes of all purchased goods we bring home. Scan data in online mode is transferred to the database of the study.

The holiday comes to us

The November increase in the total daily spending, according to the report, «traditionally, due to the early procurement of products and gifts for the New year. And this year is apparently no exception».

«The main drivers of expense growth were residents of cities polumilliona —thousanders, the expenditures for the month rose more than 4%. Do not wait for the pre-holiday increase in prices of goods and representatives of low-income groups, which spent 3.7% more than the previous month», — noted in the study.

In addition, also before the holidays intensified the Russians with high incomes. The growth of their expenses for the month exceeded 7%.

Average check added in November to 2.6% to the value of the October. From 47% to 48% increase in the proportion of expenditure on food in the total basket. Probably, after listening to forecasts of officials and experts about an imminent rise in price of traditional Christmas goods in December, the Russians did not postpone holiday purchasing on the last minute.

Thus, the real, that is, cleared from inflation, the costs surpassed similar indicators of the previous two years, caught up with the value of 2012, but is still inferior to the figures for 2013 and 2014.

In the regions

Per month daily expenses of citizens in the Russian regions grew almost in all regions of the country with the exception of the Ural district, where they declined by 0.8%.

In other districts, consumers spent more than in October. Somewhere, such as in the South and in the Volga district, the spending growth is up a modest 0.6 percent. Consumers of the North-West gained in spending for the month to 1.6%, and in Siberia is 2.5%. The leaders in the growth of 5.9% of the total expenses in November were residents of the Central Federal district of the country.

But with respect to November last year, the amplitude of the expenditure trends in different regions was wider. Northwest showed a significant negative result of minus 5.1 percent. In the Urals, was also recorded an annual decrease in expenditure by 0.8%. But this consumer negativity was more than offset by appreciable growth of expenses in Siberia — by 5.8%, in the Volga Federal district — 7.7%, in the South by 13.3%. Lower inflation was the growth in expenditure only in the center of the country, where it amounted to 2.1%.


The Russians have increased spending to prepare for the New year, the survey showed© Vladimir Astapkovich in fotobanka to decide: how and how much you can celebrate the New year in Moskvina modest annual results of the Central district was influenced by Moscow, where compared to last year’s November spending fell by 1.3%. However, a month in the capital total expenditures residents grew confident of 2.7%.

A similar situation was observed in Saint-Petersburg. Monthly spending growth in the Northern capital is matched by value in the district as a whole and amounted to 1.6% in October. But compared to November last year in St. Petersburg costs fell by 8.4%, which also had an impact on the overall situation in the region as a whole.

The Russians have increased spending to prepare for the New year, the survey showed© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary fotobanka in the Fisheries Union has given the forecast on prices for the eggs before the New godom other cities the situation with spending in November also left much to be desired. Over the month, was recorded zero dynamics, and in the context of the year the decrease amounted to 2.8%. Apparently, because of high employment, the inhabitants of megacities are not in a hurry while shopping for the holidays.

But in cities and polumilliona hundred thousand in November of vengeance has begun pre-purchase. Expenses of inhabitants of these cities for a month increased respectively by 4.5% and 4.2%. And compared to November last year, the growth was even more impressive – by 14.2% in polumilliona and 8.3% in hundred thousand.

Less — faster

The Russians have increased spending to prepare for the New year, the survey showed© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise in fotobanka frost said that the children asked for the New godzillionaires purchase attended to in the first place the Russians with low incomes, who for a month have increased their daily spending by 3.7%. And relatively of November last year in this income group expenditure grew by 4.3%.

Russians with high incomes also showed a significant increase in costs of 7.1 percent in November from the previous month. However, in the context of the year increase in daily spending was below inflation and amounted to only 1.8%.

Only the inhabitants of middle-income countries are not in a hurry to spend money. In November, the total expenses decreased by 0.6% from the previous month. However, compared to last year’s November, the members of this income group has confidently spent 4.5% more.