The truck’s launch to the ISS postponed to Wednesday

© Photo : Twitter/Thomas PesquetКосмический Dragon truck. Archive photoThe truck’s launch to the ISS postponed to Wednesday© Photo : Twitter/Thomas Pesquet

The truck’s launch of Dragon to the International space station (ISS) on the launch vehicle, the Falcon 9 delayed to Wednesday due to the need for additional checks on the launch pad, said the operator of the launch company SpaceX.

«Now we plan to start CRS–13 (the 13th mission of the commercial contract for delivery of cargo to the ISS) from pad SLC–40 on December 13, this will give additional time for validation of the ground systems,» the company said on Twitter.

The upcoming launch will be the first launch from this site after its repair and modernization in connection with the explosion during a preflight test of the Falcon 9. Earlier, SpaceX stated that a pad has been greatly automated for future starts.

A new start time, which was to be held on Tuesday 18.24 GMT environment.

Dragon will deliver to the orbit more than two tons of cargo, primarily materials for scientific experiments.

The forthcoming launch will carry the booster with the already participating in the launch in the early summer of 2017 missiles. Capsule cargo ship also had been in orbit in 2015. For the first time NASA uses for its launch partially reusable rocket that was saved after the flight, Dragon had once been on the ISS earlier this year.

SpaceX techniques of partial preservation of the rocket returned from orbit capsule of the truck to reduce the cost of space flight. The company has managed to save 19 the first stages of the Falcon 9, three of them made repeated flights. The company hopes to achieve the ability of flight first stage more than two times, but so far these attempts were not. After the upcoming Wednesday’s start of the first stage of Falcon 9 is expected will also be saved.