The winners of the literary prize «Big book»

© Radio SputnikЛев Danilkin. Archival photoThe winners of the literary prize «Big book»© Radio Sputnik

First prize literary award «Big book» was awarded to Lev Danilkin for his novel «Lenin. Pantokrator sun dust», the second place was taken by Sergey Shargunov with the book «the crowd: the Pursuit of eternal spring», the third was Shamil Idiatullin with the work of the «City of Brezhnev». The names of the winners announced at a gala ceremony held on Tuesday at the Pashkov House.

A solemn ceremony dedicated to the centennial of the revolution: the room was decorated with banners reading «More books», «Welcome delegates!», and above the stage was adorned with the slogan «All power to the Russian literature!» The guests of the evening even made Lenin, who passionately attacked the contemporary literary system, much to the amused audience. He did not miss opportunities and to prick the jury a reminder of that short list this season lacked female writer.

A minute of silence at the ceremony honored the memory of the departed this year authors: Daniil Granin, Yevgeny Yevtushenko and Vladimir Makanin’s, which at different times became winners of the award.

Nine finalists were expecting the verdict of the jury on stage, and the tenth — Victor Pelevin, the most mysterious writer of Russia, nominated for his novel «the Lamp of Methuselah, or Extreme battle security officers with the masons», by tradition, the award did not come, so the organizers have set the stage with his cardboard figure in full growth.

The first prize was awarded to Lev Danilkin for his novel «Lenin. Pantokrator solar dust».

«Six months ago I felt completely differently when I heard about the shortlist. Dizzy from this neighborhood,» said Danilkin, receiving the award.

Second place went to Sergey Shargunov, the author of the novel «crowd: the Pursuit of eternal spring, third place went to Shamil Idiatullin who wrote the book «City of Brezhnev».

In addition, the ceremony was awarded a special prize for «Contribution to literature» novelist and screenwriter Victoria Tokareva.

«The thing is that three weeks ago I had an anniversary. And because of the anniversary of it all happening! Now very increased life, many die before their Alzheimer’s. So, to avoid this, it is necessary to train the brain, namely, to write a book» — ironically said the winner.

A week earlier, your choice is already made readers their opinion coincided with the opinion of the jury, only the places were distributed differently: the first was Shargunov, the second Danilkin, third — Idiatullin.

National literary prize «Big book» established in 2005 «the Center of support of domestic literature». The author, who took first place will receive 3 million rubles, the second — 1.5 million rubles, the third — 1 million rubles.

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi in fotobanka national literary prize «Big book»The winners of the literary prize «Big book»© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi in fotobanka national literary prize «Big book»