Titov uses a growth Strategy as his election program

© Photo : Vyacheslav Removablememory the President of the Russian Federation. Archive photoTitov uses a growth Strategy as his election program© Photo : Vyacheslav Reutov

The business Ombudsman, the Chairman of the Party of growth Boris Titov announced his intention to run for President of the Russian Federation, is planning as his election program to use a growth Strategy, which was prepared by the Stolypin club.

Regular elections of the President of Russia will be held in March 2018, the campaign is supposed to start in December 2017.

Institute of Economics growth name of Stolypin introduced a medium-term programme of socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, which implies a denial of the free exchange rate in favour of targeting the «moderately low real exchange rate», monetary policy and the recognition of the optimal for Russia values of inflation of 7-8% and a budget deficit of 3-5% of GDP. Experts of the Stolypin club, propose to completely revise current policy of the Central Bank and to abandon the moderately tight monetary policy in favor of mild.

«Growth strategy – is the pre-election program. Our main task today in the first place – changing economy, everything else will change along with the change of economy», — said Titov in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to him, despite the fact that strategy has been demonstrated to Russian President Vladimir Putin, until it is accepted as the programme of action of the government.

«We showed (the President — ed.) but until it is accepted as today’s program of actions of the government, so we continue, trying to persuade all: view, understand, without it the future of the country is not, and is not a program for business. This program is based on the experience of the business, but in order to develop the whole country. «Growth strategy» is a program for everyone. As a result of its implementation will increase the number of jobs will improve the standard of living in the country», — said Titov.