What surprised the labor market in 2018

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Slow post-crisis recovery — so the experts characterize the current state of the Russian labour market, which quickly responds to changes in the economy. About who is at risk to remain without work in the new year, and on whom the demand will be sky-high whether or not to fear the new rate and why is every other applicant, is willing to take a lower salary in the material RIA Novosti.

Market stabiliziruemost

Analysts concluded: c the beginning of the crisis three years have passed and the labour market finally stabiliziruemost, and consequently, large-scale wave of cuts can not be afraid.

«In 2014, employers have already «actively manage the state», so, in fact, to reduce them have nobody,» says Maria Ignatova, head of the research service HeadHunter.

However, experts warn that the demand for low-skilled personnel will continue to fall. At risk — nearly all professions that do not require special knowledge and skills. This is cashiers, operators, call centers, couriers, secretaries and administrators.

In large hypermarkets cashiers have replaced the terminals, and call centers, the lion’s share of the work performed by the operators-the robots. Even the HR-bots that can pick up sales consultants.Will be in demand and specialists in promotion and marketing. However, on the classic marketers demand is low — at the forefront of digital marketing.

Medicine, pharmacy and… the blockchain

In connection with the development of biotechnology companies will need experts in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering, set the tone for the market will be a new profession.

The hunt employers are already launched for talent in yet unexplored areas: the IT sector has dramatically increased the demand for experts on the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

«Because such specialists in the market practically do not exist, applicants simply say that they know anything about cryptocurrencies to get a high-paying job», — told in Superjob.

This picture marks the start of another «hype cycle» — a surge of interest in certain specialties. The current cycle — this time with the prefix «blockchain» will continue, as experts assume, the next two to three years. In Moscow, the growth in the number of real jobs will not exceed 10%, as the market is already saturated, and in Russia on average the number of vacancies may increase by 15-20%, and this, as we are assured by recruiters rather pessimistic forecast: the regions still have opportunities for growth.

Applicants in suspense

Analysts ROMIR state: the market returns to pre-crisis indicators. This year the proportion changed the work of the Russians was reduced to 9% with only 2% of applicants are faced with dismissal or reduction. In the previous two years of crisis the figure was 23%.

Moreover, as noted by the leading companies in the field of Internet recruiting, job seekers are now in suspense: people are more afraid to lose a workplace.

«Companies, for their part, are increasingly using tools such as KPI to assess the performance of employees and their motivation,» — said the HeadHunter.© RIA Novosti / Alexander Dinitrate in fotoracconti computersWhat surprised the labor market in 2018© RIA Novosti / Alexander Dinitrate in fotoracconti computers

One vacancy in Moscow is now claimed by about ten people, in Russia on average — seven to eight.

Experience counts

Last year the recruiters pointed out that companies are increasingly focused on people, seeking to improve professional competence, and not «taking» experience, but now there was a certain reversal of the trend: experience is again an important criterion.

For this reason, the demand for young specialists decreased slightly: in many companies there is no time to teach them and, accordingly, to pay for it.

This approach — another consequence of the crisis. First, companies sought to save, gaining youth, but it often didn’t work, so now more in demand we have experienced employees who play the role of mentors.

At the same time, employers are more willing to take those he taught: Superjob according to estimates, six out of ten internships for students and young professionals ended the employment of an Intern.© Fotolia / ave_marioДевушка in front of a computerWhat surprised the labor market in 2018© Fotolia / ave_marioДевушка in front of the computer

Moderate appetites

The situation on the labour market is reflected in the requests of the applicants. Fewer of those who are willing to change jobs once or twice a year. Subsided and ambitions in relation to salary expectations.

«Previously the candidates was offered for five thousand less, they do not agree. Now almost every second ready to go to a lower salary, but the allowable threshold of decline 5-10%», — shared his observations in HeadHunter.

In parallel there is a trend to whitewash salaries. More and more of those who seek to find employment with the official employment. In 2017, was recorded the highest number of dissenters on black wages, stated in Superjob.