APU firing prohibited from «Minsk-2» arms, stated in the LC

© RIA Novoslobodskaya shelling of Pervomaisk from the APU. 13 Dec 2017APU firing prohibited from «Minsk-2» arms, stated in the LC© RIA Novosti

Ukrainian security forces are shelling in the Donbass of weapons that must be withdrawn from the contact line under the Minsk agreement, said on Wednesday at a briefing the official representative of the people’s militia self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic Andrey Marochko.

At the end of September 2015 signed an agreement on the withdrawal of weapons caliber greater than 100 millimeters and tanks from the frontline.

«Tonight AFU (Ukrainian armed forces) fired artillery caliber 152 mm, the number of settlements LNR», — he said.

According to Marochko, in one of private houses in Pervomaisk were two direct hits to the roof. At the time of the incident the house was occupied by five people, including two children.

Marochko said that the Ukrainian security forces were shelling the territory of the LC from the same position in 2014 and, therefore, never taken arms.

APU firing prohibited from «Minsk-2» arms, stated in the LCThe implementation of the Minsk agreements