Austria has resumed gas supplies after an accident at the terminal

© AP Photo / Ronald ZakПожарные about the gas hub in Baumgarten, Austria. 12 Dec 2017Austria has resumed gas supplies after an accident at the terminal© AP Photo / Ronald Zak

The transit of gas to the Baumgarten hub in Austria, completely restored, said the Director of the company-transmission system operator Gas Connect Austria Harald Stindl in an interview with radio ORF.

According to him, the company believes that the cause of the explosion in a technical failure.

«In Baumgarten was the installation of new equipment… But that’s just our hypothesis is that a technical failure occurred in one of the filters-separators. This technical defect, combined with some additional circumstances led to the explosion and fire,» said Stindl, adding that both the company and the police in the region launched an investigation.

On Tuesday morning in the gas hub in Baumgarten, OMV explosion, which stopped the transit of supplies to Italy, Slovenia and Hungary. Killed one person, injured more than 20.