Central Bank expects growth activity of fraudsters using social engineering

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotobanka the building of the Central Bank of Russia on Neglinnaya street in Moscow. Archival photoCentral Bank expects growth activity of fraudsters using social engineering© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

The Bank of Russia expects that in 2018 will be a surge in scams that use social engineering (the game on human weaknesses) for misappropriation of funds and illegal obtaining of personal data Russians, said Deputy head of the main Directorate of security and information protection, Bank of Russia Artem Sychev.

«Next year will be another year burst of activity «social engineers» who access their victims will use the telecommunication network as such — the social network, telephone channels, Internet in any form. This is a problem that we have to face and which will have very serious fight,» he said, speaking at the conference «Runet 2017: the end of the year.»

He also explained why social engineering is a serious problem in the area of financial security. «The problem, which may be of importance is the first, is social engineering. She has always been, but recently we see the shift of focus users from elderly to persons in the age category up to 40 years, which is dangerous for many reasons», — he stressed.

«People at this age are not used to bring their problems to public authorities, they do not believe the state or treat it with great doubt. This leads to the fact that the attackers realize that they in this situation can continue to act with impunity,» — said Sychev.

For the financial sector, according to the regulator, also the most relevant question remains activation groups and criminals that use Cobalt Strike — malware to capture the money of the credit institution. He had previously observed that the Cobalt Strike activity fell sharply, which may mean preparing a modification of the virus to attack financial institutions in the end of the year.

And Sychev pointed out today, the regulator has recorded a new surge of hackers in recent days. «In fact, we see even this week it was visible,» he replied to the question, does CB activation hackers before the New year.