Ex-MMA fighter in Omsk can get 23 years in prison for murder for Lexus

© Fotolia / sebraСтатуэтка goddess of justice Themis. Archival photoEx-MMA fighter in Omsk can get 23 years in prison for murder for Lexus© Fotolia / sebra

The Prosecutor in the trial of the former riot policeman and a fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Serik Battalova, who was recognized by the jury guilty of murder of the owner of an expensive Lexus SUV, asked the court to deprive him of liberty for 23 years, said Wednesday the Prosecutor’s office of Omsk region.

«Today, December 13, in the debate of the parties state accuser has suggested court to appoint to it punishment in the form of 22 years of imprisonment with restriction of freedom for two years, but because he committed a crime during the period of conditional condemnation on the previous sentence, the public Prosecutor was requested to permanently assign the person a penalty of 23 years of imprisonment in a correctional colony of strict regime», — stated in the message.

Also, the Prosecutor suggested to partially satisfy the claims of the victims mother and wife of the deceased men and to recover from the defendant 2 million rubles as compensation of moral harm.

As expected, the court will announce the verdict on December 14.

In the investigation Department of the RF IC in the region earlier reported that the academic degree of collusion with the 26-year-old friend on March 17 met with the 41-year-old owner of the Lexus GX460, which found the ad on car sales. As has established a consequence, at the meeting of the academic degree other attacked the man and beat him, and then was taken to the garage and strangled rope tow. According to the SC, the body of the male partners were taken in Novosibirsk oblast, where the forest was burned and the remains buried.

Car and personal effects men for a total amount of 2.2 million rubles accomplices kidnapped, said the Agency. In SUS’k said that the Lexus GX460 was transferred to familiar partners, which after the paperwork promised him 1.5 million rubles. Later each Battalova – 26-the summer security guard of a private security company — has committed suicide.

Criminal case the court considered with participation of jurymen. The academic degree did not admit his guilt and tried to shift responsibility for the crime on the deceased partner, but the Prosecutor managed to convince the jury of his guilt. December 1, they unanimously recognized the man does not deserve leniency, he added in Prosecutor’s office.