Great progress on the WTO conference will be held.

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The Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Maxim Oreshkin at the end of the third day of the 11th WTO Ministerial conference stated that it expects significant progress on many issues.

The eleventh Ministerial conference of the world trade organization takes place 10-13 December in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. Oreshkin, head of the Russian delegation. Conference participants discussed a six pack of questions. Among them – restriction of subsidies in the fishery, the security of e-Commerce, the Ministry of agriculture, facilitate investment, support to small and medium-sized enterprises and the regulation of services, including financial.

«That it is possible to note that great progress is not, and is in many ways the situation connected with what is happening in the world from the point of view of economic growth. World trade growth this year could exceed 3%, and it seems that everything is relaxed that all is well, why do something to move forward. Therefore some small movement forward will be on agriculture, fisheries, investment, electronic Commerce, small business, but the offer is likely to be in a mild form,» — said the Minister.

According to the Minister, Russia and the EU hold similar views on the role of the WTO. «As the General of the WTO, we have at this conference the position of the EU was very close, very much so, that we together supported. What we offer are Europeans support it, and we have with the EU perspective on the importance of the WTO as a system of control and regulation of global trade fairly close,» said Oreshkin.

On Monday, speaking at the Ministerial conference of the world trade organization. called the economic sanctions aggressive form of protectionism and urged the WTO members to global free trade «offensive things.»

«We thought it would be appropriate to declare the subject of sanctions, because we do see the sanctions — it’s not just politics, it is often economy. The conference this topic will not be discussed, it is more staged statement, and then we’ll see,» said Oreshkin.

Oreshkin added that the Ministers on Tuesday adopted a joint Declaration on the empowerment of women. The document was signed by about a hundred countries-members of WTO, including Russia. The Declaration, inter alia, prescribes the modalities of the WTO «in order to eliminate barriers to economic empowerment and opportunities for women and increase their participation in trade.» «With us it was signed by the EU and Canada, USA the document is not signed,» — said the Minister.