In Moscow on Tverskaya street you will see fabulous performances

© RIA Novosti / Nina Sociability in photosangelina toys on the Christmas tree. Archival photoIn Moscow on Tverskaya street you will see fabulous performances© RIA Novosti news Agency / Nina Sociability the image Bank

Performances on motives of known fairy tales can be seen on Tverskaya street in Moscow during the new year holidays, reported on the official website of the Moscow mayor.

«In the New year the main street of Moscow Tverskaya will become the center of theatrical life. There will be ten venues within the festival «Journey to Christmas». They guests will have to wait for the snow maiden, the snow Queen, the Nutcracker, Sadko, and other characters of famous fairy tales, on the motives which staged operas, plays and ballets,» reads the website.

It is also reported that for three days, from December 31 to January 2, Tverskaya — from triumphal to a Manezhnaya square, Okhotny Ryad street and Theatre way (to the intersection with Petrovka) and moss (to the intersection with Bolshaya Nikitskaya street) will be completely pedestrian.

It is noted that on 31 December, all sites will operate from 12.00 to 03.00, January 1, from 12.00 to 22.00, and on 2 January from 11.00 to 22.00.

The performances will involve actors from the popular theatres of Moscow and Russian regions, as well as a street troupe. Viewers will also be able to take part in the action. In addition, the planned circus shows, performances and concerts, according to the website.

The site, located between houses 31 and 27 on Tverskaya street, decorated in the style of the plays of playwright Eugene Schwartz «Ordinary miracle». For guests of the festival will also feature musical excerpts from the play «Galileo. Opera for violin and scientist».

Fairy tale «the Nutcracker and the Mouse king», will be located between houses 25 and 21 on Tverskaya. Her scene will consist of two parts: the real world of the family, the stahlbaums and fabulous Christmas forest inhabited with magical creatures. This stage will feature excerpts from the Opera «the Nutcracker» by Tchaikovsky performed by artists of theatre «New Opera».

«There will also be concerts of the orchestra of bagpipers and the Moscow group RockestraLive performing instrumental variations of rock hits. Fans of electronic music can enjoy the concert in St. Petersburg IDM group «the biggest Prime number», — stated in the message.

Another area will be devoted to the hero of folk stories, the guslar Sadko. He would not only lay down their epics, but will participate in the performances on theatrical traditions and legends of different peoples of Russia. On the stage will show «Sadko», which will include performances of the ensemble of the peoples of Siberia «Neroli» atmospherically Uutai playing on the harp, and vocalists Aragvi Band, performing Georgian songs. In addition, this platform will be FolkBeat, uniting in his work the electronic and Russian folk music.

Part of Tverskaya street from the house 17 to house 15 would be taken under the tale of Paul Bazhov «Stone flower». Citizens will see the eponymous musical multimedia performance-a performance of Mikhail Mishchenko. On 31 December this scene will make Billy’s Band and the barbarian Vizbor. On January 1, at the site of the planned performance of the band Black Kandinsky.

Also one of the sites will be allocated for workshops that will teach you to blow glass figurines and toys, to weave lace, to reveal the secrets of blacksmithing and carpentry skills. For three festive days there will be a theatrical marathon festival «Territoriя» on motives of fairy tales of Pavel Bazhov.

Cut Tverskaya street from the house 13 to house 9 will be the realm of the Snow Queen. The venue will be decorated with ice sculptures and the Royal throne on which can be photographed by anyone.

«Street performance will dedicate the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Festival guests will be able to see the trolls, Gerda and Kai, little robber and other characters from the book by Danish writer. On the stage of this facility is scheduled performance of «the snow Queen» Krasnoyarsk theatre of the young spectator, the concert of the ensemble Questa Musica with the program «Winter» and perform Jazz Band with soloist Miriam Sahana», — stated in the message.

Next will be the platform dedicated to the snow maiden. It is possible to hear a modern Opera «the snow maiden» by composer Alexander Manotskov, as well as to see the performances of «snowflake» from the theater-Studio «Fringe» of Cities and «frost» performed by the Moscow new drama theatre.

Two more scenes will be given for performances based on the works of Alexander Pushkin. A play on the poem «Ruslan and Lyudmila» will be given at the beginning of Tverskaya street is on the site, located between houses 3 and 1. Then on this same stage you will see «Eugene Onegin» staged by the Moscow Director Yury Kwiatkowski.

A site on moss will dedicate «the Tale of Tsar Saltan». Guests can take pictures with the heroes and their leader the Black sea. On stage performances by the Moscow state Symphony orchestra for children and youth and Actresses Alisa Grebenschikova with the program «the Tale of Tsar Saltan», as well as concerts of indie collective Vanyn from Moscow and funk groups, Soul Surfers from Nizhny Novgorod.

The tenth platform will open at the intersection of Okhotny and Teatralny passage. It will focus on the performances, the protagonists of which — magical animals. So, the Chekhov Moscow art theatre will present a production of «the little humpbacked Horse», Theatre of Nations will show «the Tale of the Golden Cockerel» from the performance «Pushkin’s fairy Tales» directed by Robert Wilson and the Theatre of music and drama of Stas Namin — the musical «Bremen town musicians».