Investigators are identifying things from the scene of the crash near Irkutsk

© Photo : emergencies Ministry Russiaon the place of discovery of the wreckage of the helicopter on the ice of the Bay Kategoriski Bratsk water reservoir, Irkutsk oblast. 11 Dec 2017Investigators are identifying things from the scene of the crash near Irkutsk© Photo : Russian emergencies Ministry

Investigators carried out the identification of my personal belongings seized from the scene of the helicopter crash in Irkutsk region, reports the website of the RF IC.

«Investigators of the identification procedure taken from the crash site personal belongings. Forensic chemical examination of aviation fuel, which refueled the helicopter before the flight», — stated in the message.

It is also noted that inspection of the fragments of the helicopter, made their identification, researched, discovered at the crash site the phone of the deceased pilot, is studied before it.

Earlier it was reported that he was to raise from the water body found at the bottom of the helicopter hangars, the search which was conducted in the Irkutsk region since Thursday, is not yet possible due to insufficient ice thickness.

The helicopter «Eurocopter AM-350», on Board of which were two people, flew in Thursday from Bratsk to Clean the village and after a while stopped communicating. From recent posts it is known that the aircraft commander decided on an emergency landing due to a technical failure. Ice Kocherinovo Bay hangars rescuers found the wreckage of the helicopter. The housing is gripped in the cabin the body of the pilot was found under water at a depth of 65 meters using submersibles Falcon.

On Board the missing helicopter were two people – a pilot and entrepreneur Egor Banschikov.

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