Is without consequences: Ukraine was restored the transit of Russian gas

© AFP 2017 / Joe KlamarПожарный near the main gas pipeline node in Baumgarten, Austria. 12 Dec 2017Is without consequences: Ukraine was restored the transit of Russian gas© AFP 2017 / Joe Klamar

The transit of Russian gas to EU countries via Ukraine restored after an accident in the territory of the gas hub in Baumgarten, Austria. About it RIA Novosti said the Advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Maxim bielawski.

After the incident, the volume flow of natural gas to Europe decreased by 23 percent to two hundred million cubic meters per day. According to bielawski, the Ukrainians, the incident was not affected.

«There are no changes. (Ukrainian consumers — approx.ed.) consistently receive gas from three sources: the national production (of 58.1 million cubic meters daily), stockpiles (of 48.1 million cubic meters) and imports from Europe», — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the volume of transit returned to the level of 260 million cubic meters per day.

Tuesday morning in the land of lower Austria was an explosion at the gas storage Baumgarten, owned by Austrian company OMV. Killed one person, injured more than 20.

The operator of the gas transportation system Gas Connect Austria explained CHP technical failure. According to the Director of the company Harald, Stands, Baumgarten was the installation of new equipment.

«A technical failure occurred in one of the filters-separators, but it is only our hypothesis. This defect, coupled with some additional circumstances led to the explosion and fire,» explained Stindl in an interview with radio ORF.

The blast did not affect gas supply to Austrian consumers, as citizens of this country get gas from the tank and unaffected by the incident sources. The accident affected the residents of Hungary, Slovenia and Italy, where state of emergency was declared.

Gas hub in Baumgarten is among the three largest gas distribution centers in Europe. Through the station pumped approximately one third of total Russian gas supplied to Western Europe.

Wear system

The Kremlin noted that Baumgarten receives gas «in the Ukrainian system» and pointed out its shortcomings.

«As you know, Baumgarten receives gas via the Ukrainian system <…> You know the situation with the strong depreciation of the system, and, of course, in this context, large international projects are working in Gazprom, intended to make a significant contribution to strengthening Europe’s energy security», — said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

Russia is satisfied that the accident managed to be liquidated in the shortest possible time, however, the question of reliability of the whole system of energy supplies to Europe remains relevant, said Peskov.

Expensive alternatives

The experts also recalled the projects of «Gazprom» in connection with the incident. According to the Deputy Director of analytical Department of «Alpari» Natalia Milchakova, due to the explosion of the project «Northern stream-2» in Europe there will be more supporters.

«The explosion will force Europe, on the one hand, to think that she was wrong about the «Nord stream-2», and the skepticism of supply «Turkish stream,» said Milchakova.

The interviewee suggested that the pressure on Brussels in issue of implementation of the Russian gas projects will strengthen Hungary and Austria. At the same time, the Europeans can think about another alternative — Qatari liquefied natural gas, LNG, however, as noted Milchakova, will cost much more.