Physics from Moscow state University created and tested in «quantum telephone»

© Photo : press service of Mukunday phone in the MSUPhysics from Moscow state University created and tested in «quantum telephone»© Photo : press service of Moscow state University

Scientists from Moscow state University have created a complete line of telephone communication, secure from eavesdropping thanks to a system of quantum encryption, and verified it in practice, the press service of Moscow state University.

«Workplace quantum phone — an ordinary personal computer, which has an optoelectronic module connected by optical fiber directly to the server quantum key distribution. In addition, the computer uses a modified specifically to work with this optoelectronic device», — explains Sergey Kulik, Moscow state University Professor and one of the founders of «quantum telephone».

The phenomenon of quantum entanglement is the basis of modern quantum technologies. This phenomenon, in particular, plays an important role in the systems of secure quantum communication – this system completely exclude the possibility of invisible «wiretapping» due to the fact that the laws of quantum mechanics prohibit «cloning» the state of the light particles. In the present system of quantum communication are being actively developed in Europe, in China, in the United States.

The architecture of the data network when using quantum phone is pretty simple: quantum phone consists of two client machines and servers playing the role of a source of keys. When the first machine gets the key, she encrypts the data and transmits it directly to the «source», which uses its private key to decrypt, bypassing the server.

As the press service notes, in the future, such «quantum phones» is expected to equip other units of MSU.